Pure Awareness Within

Every word is just a word a concept in your mind. If we had no words or concepts we would just be aware of everything around us. And in truth, we are aware in this way. First comes awareness, then thought, and then physical action-reaction in your body very fast. Being tangled in your thoughts and body distracts you from your deeper self. Realizing your deeper self as the awareness that is observing and perceiving all of these things your mind grows more and more still and quiet until you begin to experience longer gaps of silence between thoughts.

This is what they call no mind in meditation. And then if you go far enough you can experience no thought at all, only awareness. Then you will away have your mind and thought but it will be the tool it’s supposed to be. To figure things out, and to categorize things. To label communicate and navigate in the physical world. And this is great freedom and your intended true nature. To realize you do not operate as mind then body first. But to realize you are deeper awareness then mind-body in that order. And this deeper awareness is eternal and is a part of what we call god and binds all things in reality, both physical and non-physical.

You are the awareness that controls everything within your self. In meditation, they say we are the silence between the thoughts, the silence that is perceiving and in which all of this takes place. Meditate and try to become aware of the gaps between thoughts. The more you meditate the more you will notice gaps of no thought, and you will be fully aware as you experience this. This is a great relief. Especially if you have suffered from a runaway mind that’s full of negative patterns. And who has not? In this way, you can bring your mind and body under control. And also when you do this all of your actions and words become enlightened ones. Everyday practice this until your mind grows more and more still and under control. Practice meditation. Don’t try to stop thinking just try to let go and observe from deeper awareness.

Sit somewhere quiet and comfortable. Outside is nice because there birds singing, and the wind and cars going by. The daily sounds of life. And being in natural areas helps as well. You can feel the grace of nature around you. It reminds you of the Grace within you. You can also listen to soothing music with no words. Close your eyes and focus your awareness on the sounds around you. Allow your awareness to focus on what you are hearing. Also, focus on the feeling sensations in and on your body. As you do this you will have thoughts. You may think that a loud car was annoying, and feel irritated. Observe the thoughts and the emotional reactions they cause in your body. But try not to stay focused on the thoughts.

Allow them to come then go as you observe them. As you observe these things, keep returning your focus to the sounds around you. And the sensations you are feeling on and in your body. You may also start to think about things that happened that day. Or to start thinking about things you need to do. Or things that will come tomorrow. Allow all these thoughts to come, don’t try to stop them. Don’t resist. Allow your self to observe then let go of thoughts. Let them pass instead of holding them. Allow them to float by. In this way, you will begin to notice you are observing all of these things. You are the awareness that is observing your thoughts and body.

All of these thoughts and sensations are there and passing by. Letting them go. And when you do this a deep sense of peace and ease will come. Learn to observe and let go. Then also when you stop mediating and are going about your day, practice observing and letting go. Instead of walking around absorbed in thoughts to focus on the things you are doing. As you walk focus and be aware that you are walking. That your legs and feet feel the weight of your body and the impact of walking. Focus your awareness on the fact that you are observing things around you. Whatever you are doing use it as a meditation. If you are bathing focus your awareness into the feeling of the water on your body. The smell of the soap.

Allow your self to be very aware and present in every detail instead of in your thoughts. In this way, your whole becomes a meditation and a prayer. And you are more and more fully and powerfully in the present moment experience the sweetness of your life. You will become calm. Non-reactive. patient and full of love understanding and love. And you can at any moment ask God within you to help you to do this. God knows what meditation is. God can teach you how to meditate deeply and truthfully. All you have to do is try. All you have to do is ask for the truth. Ask to know and understand what is taking place. Seek diligently and you will find your self living in surrender to what truly is.

The Odes of Solomon


The Odes of Solomon:
The Nuhra Version (2020)


This translation is committed to the public domain and may be freely copied and used, in whole or in part, for any purpose.

Please cite as: Samuel Zinner and Mark M. Mattison, The Odes of Solomon: The Nuhra Version (2020) (Aulla, Italy/Grand Rapids, Michigan, 2020). Online: https://www.nuhra.net/nuhra-2020/


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The Truth About the Wrath of God

You may read in the Bible in many places such things as God’s wrath. Or you may have heard the words the wrath of God. This is a very misunderstood concept and often leads people to confusion. These words never mean that God is angry and will come down upon us in anger or wrath.

Jesus’s nature is a reflection of God’s nature as he was fully realized as One with God. The nature of the two was one as well, and this true nature of God was reflected within Jesus’s actions and teaching. Jesus’s own teaching dispels the myth that God would ever come upon us in anger and destruction. God is, in fact, compassionate, forgiving, incredibly wise. Incredibly loving in amazing ways.

The true meaning behind God’s wrath is this. We have free will to choose whatever we want. Even in ,non-physical we have free will, and we always will. But even though we have free will, we have to know when we are doing things that are unhealthy and misaligned with our true nature. Just like with our physical bodies, we feel pain if we are damaging ourselves. There are warning systems in place all throughout reality to be our alert system of unhealthy thoughts and actions.

The biggest challenge of physical life is becoming identified with your physical mind and body, and forgetting who and what you really are. This is the collective unconsciousness within the minds of mankind that has been passed down through time. And misidentification in this way leads all into misaligned actions and ras a result, misaligned lives. In reality, we are only misaligned with our own true nature. And as it is also the true nature of God, misalignment with God’s true nature.

When we are doing things that are unhealthy for us, we have to know that we are. In our physical bodies, we experience pain and sickness from misalignment. The vast majority of sickness begins as the result of misaligned identity with the physical mind and body, which includes the inability to navigate our minds in an authentic and freeway. Mis alignment results in diseases and unhealthy lives. Alignment with true awareness leads to healing and balance not only in our bodies and minds but also; as a result, balance in the physical world around us.

So you can see how even pain and sickness are a blessing as the sacred warning signs of misalignment and unhealthy identification with the physical mind and body. This doesn’t stop within the individual but echoes into the physical world through our actions. Actions that are just as misaligned as the identification with the physical mind and body.

In this way, we all affect each other, passing on unhealthy patterns of mind and being again and again until someone finally decides to take a stand within themselves and masters their physical mind and body in the fundamental truth of life within. There true soul level perceiving awareness. And because on the soul level, we are a part of God, we then are aligned with our highest truth and also the highest truth in existence, which is what we call God.

We also have warning signs within the world around us. Because as we participate in unhealthy misaligned actions as a result of false identification with our physical minds and bodies, we also damage our bodies and the physical world around us. We stop living in harmony with the natural world and everyone around us; As a result, there must be warning signs within the world as well.

Great environmental warning signs such as global warming are warning signs of our misaligned actions and misaligned awareness. Famine, pestilence, disease, war, hunger, and so on are also all signs of misalignment. All of these things that are so out of place within the world are a direct result of all the things that are out of place within us. But this is the beauty of God’s plan.

That we are always free to choose but that even though we are free to choose, we will always have a way of knowing when we are choosing the misaligned path. And the warning signs will get stronger and stronger until we pay attention. Or until there is a death and ultimately rebirth. In which case, we learn from the death and come to live again. The same is true within the natural world. Nothing is ever lost.

These warning signs are what is being spoken of as the wrath of God in the Bible. But God isn’t wrathful. God simply teaching us our lessons. Showing us that we are out of alignment. This is actually the love of God taking place. We as the eternal consciousness we are, are stronger than this physical world can hold. The physical world must be incredibly challenging and sharp in order for it to teach us our lessons.

When you begin to wake to your true nature, you begin to see this truth unfolding all around you. There are no longer any judgments. You only see things as they are, or as they are not. As aligned or misaligned and the resulting effect of the choice. As you sow, so shall you reap. So you can see that as unbalance becomes profound, it also begins to be pulled back into balance.

That the unbalance can only swing so far one way before swings another. And in reality, we are causing the imbalance our selves/ We are choosing the inbalance our selves, and we can at any moment choose balance and alignment, which is our true nature.

So the beauty of the warning signs caused by misalignment both within your physical body and the physical world are there to show you something is out of place. You can allow all that is misaligned to show you what is aligned. And this is exactly what God is showing us through the warning signs of misalignment. God is showing us the error of our choices so that we may learn and all we have to do is listen.

Really we don’t have to choose such unbalanced ways, but within our free will, there has to be the capacity for all that may take place. God’s laws of reality must unfold. This is the perfection of God’s plan. And the true love and truth of God. We are never handled wrathfully or cast away. We are always taught, but our lessons are challenging ones due to our eternal nature. We know all of this before we come here to live a physical life.

We choose to come knowing we will be distracted and forget our true nature, and that is apart of the test. We also know good will be with us and all the Angels in heaven. We come eagerly. You have only forgotten what you are. Seek God and heaven within you, and you will find these very same truths. God’s voice is within you, speaking all the time. And all around you. Echoing everywhere. All you have to do is listen. To seek God. Ask you shall be given, seek and you shall find. Just ask.

The Sacred Heart

The sacred heart image represents the heart and love of Jesus. Which in turn is a representation of God’s truth and love. The light rays can represent the light and truth of God. The flames can represent the passionate and flaming love of God. And the crown of thorns and cross represents Jesus’s crucifixion. The cross and crown of thorns for me represent the unconsciousness of mankind that we all must all face. The same unconsciousness Jesus came to help us overcome. The same unconsciousness that he died in the face of, showing us the true strength and love of God. That even death can never take away. The true love of God for all of us.

My heart burns with the passion of God s love. I feel such a powerful flame of love and truth within me. Whenever I see these images of the passionate heart of Jesus, I feel a striking recognition. Because it’s my sacred heart that I feel my interconnection with God. That I feel my interconnection with Jesus and of heaven. And not just heaven but everyone around me, and even the physical world. I can look at any object and feel that I am a part of even these things. Because everything around me is made of the same truth of God as me. In reality, everything even the farthest infinite galaxies exist within your heart. One singular infinite point that expands infinitely inwards, and infinitely out words. And the nexus of this expansion is your sacred heart. The doorway between the two worlds, that coexist as one.

Your heart is the center of your being. Within your heart resides all of reality. Because it’s through our hearts that we are interconnected to the kingdom of heaven. The kingdom of heaven is what interconnects all things. Each and everything a being perfect piece of the unified whole.

All of our deep inner wisdom is felt and perceived from our hearts. All of the experience of every lifetime is felt and flows forth from our hearts. And not only is our greatest wisdom within our hearts, but all the wisdom of God and Heaven is there as well.

Our hearts desire to open and to express their true nature which is love. And this true nature of love is not only our true nature, it is the true nature of God. As our hearts open they begin to burn with the divine loving passion of God. And all of us have this heart. All of us have this divine center through which we are all interconnected.

Jesus’s heart is the example of the heart and truth of God. The passionate love of Christ is the passionate love of God. And because we are all reflections of one another, the passionate love of our hearts are also the passionate love of Gods. And the passionate love of Jesus and all the Angels in heaven. All of us are reflections of each other
We start life with open hearts wild and free. But as we grow we become distracted by our bodies. We become distracted by the world. And the world is enticing for a reason. It’s our testing ground. But within us is always the divine heart of God. It can never be extinguished. It can never be taken away. It’s there if you believe it or not. It’s there in life and in death for all eternity. It can only be ignored, covered up, and distracted from. It’s simply what you are.

When you seek the truth of God you will begin to return to your true perception and nature. You will be shown the truth. Slowly your divine heart will be revealed. And when you seek God you will always be answered. You will find Jesus is with you one and the same as God. And Jesus will reveal to you our heavenly father.

Your heart which has been closed by your own distractions with your body and mind will begin to open and expand as it is uncovered and allowed to beat freely. And as your heart opens it will begin to beat more and more in time and sync with the heart of God. Your heart will begin to reflect the heart of God and Jesus. And the loving heart of Angels. You will begin to step into the same loving passion of Christ. Which is also the same loving passion of God,

The flaming passion of God is powerful and desires to heal others. It desires to give the same passion endlessly to others. The living passion of God. But love can never be forced. The truth of God can never be forced. And that is a part of the love of God as well. Eternal patience and compassion. The compassion of Christ, which is also the compassion of God. Just like Jesus who lived as the full truth of God among

humankind, you can only point the way with your words and the example of your life.
Your heart is the place where God speaks into you. Where Angels and Jesus and all of heaven speak. Your heart is the singular point where all things are one. In the kingdom of heaven, everyone speaks with one unified voice in Grace with God.

And as you awaken to your spirit nature you to shall begin to move and speak as one with all of heaven. As your heart opens and begins to beat in sync with the heart of God you will move as perfect rhythm with God and heaven. No longer beating out of sync. And eternal unconditional love will flow.

The experience of every life you ever lived is in your heart. All of your greatest wisdom is in your heart. All of the wisdom imparted by God is spoken and given into your heart. Your heart is your guide and compass. When you pray, pray to God and heaven within your heart.

Your heart is the doorway between the world of the body and the world of the spirit. When you die to the false identity of the body and mind you awaken to the authentic identity of the spirit. You enter the kingdom of heaven that is at hand. And when you do you find Jesus, God and all of heaven are with you.

The more you learn about the truth of God and reality, the sharper your heart becomes. Until all that is false concerning the truth of God and reality stands out in sharp contrast. This is the fear of God. The healthy and blessed emotion that God gives us to discern our true nature, and the true nature of God. The emotional guidance system that we have within our hearts is a great gift. And it goes deeper than the emotions of the body. The soul and body always working together as one unified whole.

Your heart will always lead you to the truth. It will never lead you astray. You must learn to follow your heart. To trust your heart. Because the false master of the earthly world is the physical mind and body. And when you are falsely identified with your earthly mind and body, you are out of touch with your true self. Out of touch with your sacred heart.
You have to learn to trust and follow your heart, and not your mind. But your earthly mind is a great blessing as well, only misused and full of unhealthy patterns. You must learn to lead with the heart, and operate with the mind. When you awaken to your true nature you can begin to master your physical mind. You can use your sacred heart to align your physical mind with your deepest truth. Instead of you as the deepest truth being led by the tiny finite mind.

You will feel unpleasant emotions as a warning sign of unhealthy thoughts. And as you awaken to your true perception as the perceiving spirit awareness, you will begin to see many unhealthy patterns in your physical mind. You will be stepping out of identification with these patterns, and as a result, you will start to see them clearly for the first time. Your sacred heart is your guide to understanding what is the truth of life and God, and what is not. Your open doorway to all the guidance of God and heaven.

Practice observing the emotional reactions of your thoughts. Unhealthy and misaligned thoughts will feel heavy and painful. Let them go. They are no good for you. Practice feeling negative emotions then releasing the thoughts that cause the painful emotion. If you are hurting what you are entertaining in your mind is not good for you. This doesn’t mean you don’t care. It means you care so much that you refuse to harm yourself by needlessly holding yourself in the warning signs of your emotional guidance system.
Imagine holding your hand on hot metal and wondering why it hurts. It hurts because you are holding your hand on hot metal.

Take your hand away from the hot metal and the pain and damaging heat will cease. But you have to first realize you are holding your hand on the hot metal in the first place. Part of the false identification with the mind and body is forgetting that you can choose your thoughts. You are habitually and reactively choosing harmful thoughts all the time. You have been practicing this your whole life having learned them from everyone around you. But you can start practicing the opposite now. You can begin choosing to control your mind from your true soul-level identity.

Practice praying into your heart and feeling heaven’s response. In heaven, everyone speaks together as one voice. You will find not only God speaks into your heart, but also Jesus and Angels. They speak into your heart as a divine knowing that flows into your body. Their voice and presence comes as a steady loving feeling. A steady feeling of peace that never wavers. You can feel their words by using your sacred heart.
We are all interconnected for eternity through the kingdom of heaven that we feel in our hearts. When a loved one passes from earthly life they are not gone. They are still where you are now. Because as you stand your closest loved one is really with you in your heart. Everyone and everything exists as one point within your heart.

In the kingdom of heaven, all things exist within a singular point. Kingdom of heaven mirrors physical reality. So all that you see as separated around you really is not separated at all. Everything really exists within a singular point. And you experience this singular point through your heart. Because of this unified nature of reality that underlies all things, even the most distant star is connected to you now. And also God, Jesus, and all the Angels in heaven are connected to you now. Your loved ones are connected to you now. You can never lose this interconnected nature of all things. Death is only the physical form falling away leaving you only within that singular point. When you die all division falls away and you return to the divine whole. The divine whole is the kingdom of heaven.

So when a loved one leaves their earthly body they haven’t gone anywhere. They are with you just the same as they always have been and always will be. When you leave your earthly body you don’t go anywhere either. You just realize your in that singular and divine whole. There is no far away inconceivable heaven. You are standing in heaven now. And to know what life was like before earthly life all you have to do is awaken to your true perception as the spirit you are. The perceiving awareness you are in the same awareness you have always been and always will be. This is why Jesus told us the kingdom of heaven is at hand.

And there is one eternal now. The now that we experience is the same now the unfolds infinitely within us into heaven. Even in heaven there one now. Both sides are tied together inseparable. The earthly kingdom and the heavenly kingdom all comprising one unified whole. This is why Jesus said to enter the kingdom of heaven you have to die to the flesh and be born to the spirit. The flesh is of the earthly kingdom and the spirit is of the spirit or heavenly kingdom. He was telling us about awakening to the true soul level perception, leaving behind the false identification with the body and mind.

When you do this you realize you in heaven, and always have been. You experience heaven as you always have. You experience heaven even while you’re in the earthly kingdom. This is not a conceptual experience. It is experienced as your perceptions shift back to the soul level where you realize you are observing all that takes place. You begin to operate as a soul with a body. Instead of a body wondering if you have a soul. Your true nature and perception is from deep within. The perceiving awareness that perceives. This is dying to the flesh and awakening to the sprit.

The truth of God brings eternal life. But not by making you eternal from a place of being finite. The truth of God only awakens you to your true eternal nature that you have been all along. The true nature that you have only forgotten. You are not going to ever be lost. At the end of your life, you will simply awaken to your true nature as your false identity with the mind and body falls away. This false identity will fall away when your body dies. When your body dies it falls away leaving you naked as soul-level perception only. You are an infinite part of God and will never be thrown away.

But you don’t have to wait for death for this to happen. You can have it now. And this is the deepest meaning behind being born again. And the deepest meaning behind baptism. Awakening is dying to the false identity of the mind and body and waking up to the true identity of the spirit.

You can begin to awaken by simply asking for the truth. In many cases, the burden of the false identification with the mind and body can push you into the truth. Driven and repulsed by the consequences of unconsciousness that have made your mind and body sick. Trauma can cause an awakening. Near-death can begin awakening. Ultimately it will come in one lifetime or the next. And many people simply settle into a comfortable place within religion. Or simply within themselves throughout their whole lives. Never attempting to dig deeper into the center of the truth. with every experience and choice, you are really heading in this direction.

Because with every choice and experience you have you grow more and more into the fullness of the ruth of God. All roads lead to Rome. When you awaken to this truth deeply you fin god and Jesus are with you. That you have always known them. As you awaken God and Jesus are finally able to come closer to you. And all the while all your doing is returning to your true state. The way you were before you were born. And the way you will be after your death. God only ever wants for us to be what we really are. And to lavish upon us all the blessings of heaven. But we resist stubbornly against what is ours.

We don’t do it willingly but are deceived. And this is the nature of the Prince of lies. It’s not a devil or fallen Angel. It’s just unconscious patterns of mind and being that we become falsely identified with. These patterns have grown powerfully imbalanced within the collective consciousness of mankind. They are ultimately driving the evolution of unconsciousness itself. Because unconsciousness always leads to consciousness. Lies always lead to truth. The test always leads to the educated. It doesn’t have to be so challenging but we choose it for ourselves. We can always choose something better. And there are warning signs everywhere when we are heading in an unhealthy direction. We only have to listen and choose wisely.

Our sacred heart is also the sacred heart of Jesus. And is also the sacred heart of God. Ask God to come into your heart. Ask to see things they truly are. God and Jesus and all of heaven will come and move with you in Grace. In reality, they are there waiting for you. But you hold yourself away. God does not hold away from us. No matter what you choose they are still there. They will never leave you. Even if you refuse them all the way to the end of your earthly life they are there for you. And you will find this truth when you leave your body.

And at the end of your life, they will accept you with love as all of your false self falls away with your body. You will see perfectly clear who you are. And you will see who they are. You will have counsel to go over all the choices of your previous life. Then you will come to live another life based on the choices of your past life. Based on what you need to grow. But you don’t have to wait for death to have this. Open your heart to God heaven and they will have the counsel with you now.

And then you can be free of the false self. They will help you awaken to your deepest truth so you can walk in the kingdom of heaven this yours now. You can be free of fear. You can have their strength to walk with you. You can have all that is waiting for you. That is already yours. And it will come either now, or after your earthly life. But it will surely come. Don’t wait to have it later. This is your true nature. All God is asking is for you to do is to wake up to your true nature. God only desires to give you everything.
But God and Jesus won’t do it all for you. They won’t force you to choose. They will only guide you and call you. You have to choose. And you have to walk your path. Your path is for your own betterment. But you will never walk alone. Even if you refuse them in this life they still walk with you.

Pray into your heart and ask them to come in. Ask God to show you the truth. Ask to see what is real. Reach for God and heaven again, and again and you will be answered. Jesus and God will answer you. Jesus, God, and all of heaven will intercede for you. They can and will do anything for you, but you have to come to them. You have to trust and seek them diligently. You have to overcome your own false self. Your own self-limitations. They will help you do this. When you do they will seek and work for you diligently as well. Working with you until your wide awake as the spiritual awareness you are. You will find yourself standing firmly with them as one. Moving in Grace with them. This is why Jesus said that you can ask for anything in his name and it will be given to you.

All you have to do is ask. Just ask. Seek and you shall find. Knock and the door shall open.

Image by Alexis Joseph on cathopic

Born Again

John 3:1-81

There was a man of the Pharisees, named Nicodemus, a ruler of the Jews: 2The same came to Jesus by night, and said unto him, Rabbi, we know that thou art a teacher come from God: for no man can do these miracles that thou doest, except God be with him. 3Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.4Nicodemus saith unto him, How can a man be born when he is old? can he enter the second time into his mother’s womb, and be born? 5Jesus answered, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.

6That which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit. 7Marvel not that I said unto thee, Ye must be born again. 8The wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh, and whither it goeth: so is every one that is born of the Spirit.

The plant growing on the tree in the image is called a Resurrection Fern. When the weather is dry with very little rain, the fern dries and shrivels up. It turns brown and brittle and looks as if it’s dead. But as soon as the rain comes, it rejuvenates and comes to life. It grows green and supple radiant and green.

When I see these ferns on the trees where I live, I always think of Jesus and God. I think of the way the word of God brings us to life, awakening us to our eternal nature. But these are concepts many misunderstand.

Jesus tells us, “Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.”

He is telling us clearly the nature of our distraction with our minds and bodies. All of us have become identified with our minds and bodies, forgetting who and what we are. Forgetting we are standing in the kingdom of heaven. That we are made of the kingdom of heaven, and because we are so distracted from our true nature, we simply can not see the kingdom of heaven that we are. That’s within us and all around us. Being born again happens when you take in the word and truth of God and allow it to awaken you to your true nature. When you place all your faith and belief in God and Jesus your eyes start to open. You will you be shown again who and what you are. This takes great faith because your old false self and identification will try to hold your attention and keep you from awakening fully. This can be a frightening process because as the false self becomes apparent and starts to falls away it is very much like a death. You realize that so much of what you thought you were is not you at all. You will die to the old false self and be reborn as the new authentic self you really have been all along. But have faith because you are never alone. God, Jesus, and all of heaven are with you.

Jesus tells us, “Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God. 6That which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which, and of the Spirit is spirit.”

Jesus is again telling us the nature of unconscious false identification with the mind and body. He is clearly saying that being identified with the flesh only leaves you unaware of your heavenly and eternal nature. Your most authentic identity.

And that as long as you are falsely identified with the flesh, you will not be able to experience your true nature as the spirit. You as your spirit are standing in heaven. You are made of it and always will be. You just have forgotten. And as you awaken to your true nature you die to the false identification with the flesh, and reborn as the true identity of the spirit. You are not your body and mind. You are the eternal perceiving awareness within your body. You are a spirit that is a part of the larger spirit God. The larger spirit of God is the kingdom of heaven. And you, Jesus, and all of heaven are interconnected in this way. This is your authentic nature.

The water of the spirit is the truth of God. When we drink of the water of the spirit we become aware again of our true nature. We are born again into our authentic identification. And in this way, the word of God brings us eternal life. Not that we were are finite before we drank the water and truth of God. But that we were unconscious and blind to who and what we truly are. And in this way, the truth of God gives us eternal life. The truth of God only awakens you to the truth of God and reality.

This is very much like the Resurrection fern. We are all brown and withered having forgotten who and what we are. Terrified of death and wondering about God. But then the water of life which is God’s truth comes, and we drink of it. We suddenly are able to see what we are, and who and what God is. Then we start to grow vibrant and alive glowing with life. Our fears of death fall away. We know we are never alone and we can hear God speaking into our hearts again. This is what it’s like to enter the kingdom of heaven. The kingdom of heaven is at hand. This is what Jesus was telling us. Not that we will only live one life, and if we accept the truth of God before we die we will obtain eternal life. But that we are already eternal and always will be. Jesus is talking about awakening. The deep love of God does not stop just because we die. It is going against every teaching of Jesus to say that God would suddenly throw us into hell an torment because we never ask for help before we died. God’s love and patience are eternal. And God will always protect you even after death. God will never throw you away.

Jesus says, “The wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh, and whither it goeth: so is every one that is born of the Spirit.”

Again Jesus is telling us about our true perception as the soul-level awareness, compared to being unconsciously identified with our bodies and minds. When we are falsely identified we struggle to understand the deeper truths. And in the same way, we struggle to see and accept someone who has been born again of the spirit. Because from the side of unconsciousness you cant see with the view of the spirit.

You have to be reborn by the truth of God to see and walk again in the vision of the kingdom of heaven which is yours now. And that takes faith. You have to have faith in the messages that are calling you from within your heart. And from the voices of those around you who have been reborn of the spirit, and walk with God in the vision of the kingdom of heaven. Because God speaks into your hearts, and God speaks also through the voices of those who have drunk of the river of God’s truth. Those who have become open doorways to the truth of God within themselves. Faith is seeking God and trusting if God’s guidance again and again, until the chains of unconsciousness fall away from you. This is drinking of the spirit of God truth. This is the beginning of rebirth as you are born again to the spirit of God that you truly are.

Romans 8:35-39

Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or danger, or sword? As it is written, “For your sake we are being killed all the day long; we are regarded as sheep to be slaughtered.” No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. For I am sure that neither death nor life, nor angels nor rulers, nor things present nor things to come, nor powers, nor height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Even if you never seek the truth of God while within your life, you will never be lost. You will never be thrown away or cast into hell. When the Bible verses talk of hell, they talking about the hell we create for ourselves by living unconsciously. By going against our true nature and the true nature of God. Always in anxieties and pains over earthly life. When in reality we are eternal and God is with us always. And this is the importance of seeking God now. And not waiting for death to awaken you to your true nature. heaven is already ours, and we can have it now. But we will never be forced to choose. An this is the perfection of Gods plan through free will. That with every choice we are learning. But it doesn’t have to be so hard.

We choose the difficulty of the tests for our selves. We are free to choose. And the only thing that keeps in chains is you false identity and its deceiving nature. And even the ability to be falsely identified is a part of Gods plan. It happened this way because we are free. But it doesn’t have to be this way. It simply unfolded this way and we change at any time. Choose the truth of God now and awaken to what you really are. Because at the end of your life you will awaken deeply and fully to who and what you are as an eternal soul that is a part of the body of God anyways.

2 Corinthians 5:10

10 For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, so that each of us may receive what is due us for the things done while in the body, whether good or bad.

When you die the body and mind will fall away, and at that moment you instantly are reborn as the spirit only. You will in that moment sees very clearly every choice you ever made. You will see clearly who and what you are. And God, Jesus, and Angels will be with you. They will accept you and love you with comfort. But you will have counsel with them and review every choice. Every action. You will see all of it with perfect clarity. And do you want to stand before God and have to confess your mistakes after death? Or now in earthly life where Jesus and God can and will bless you and shower you with love and blessings? To have your and live your earthly life in the fullness of Gods blessings. Because it will come either way. It will come. So why wait. You can have the peace of God and heaven now. At the end of life, you will finally see everything that you have chosen clearly. It can be a shock to suddenly realize you have made grave mistakes. But you will never be thrown away. Just the same as in earthly life when you start to awaken to the truth of God. You will se you past and know you made mistakes.

But at the same time you will hide nothing before God, laying out plainly before him and asking for forgiveness. This is the nature or repentance. It come either while in earthly life, or after earthly life. But it always comes. And its much better to have it now so that you can walk with God and enjoy the richness of your earthly life. When you do this you also help to open the eyes of others around you. Your highest purpose. No matter what when you die will be loved and comforted. You will be healed and corrected. You are an eternal part of God. You will only take all of the experience of past choices, and come to live another life. Another chance to pass your tests. Until you finally reach the fullness of your earthly education. And God is wise beyond imagining, and loving beyond explanation. Patient beyond understanding. You are only ever being asked to accept your true nature. God only ever wants to give you everything in heaven.

To set everything in order for you and with you. But God won’t force you to choose. And the only reason why you struggle to choose is your own unconsciousness. And in that way, even your unconsciousness is a part of your school lessons in the classroom of life. God is with you always. Even if you deny God, God does not deny you. And God will never give up on you. God will never stop calling you, and guiding you. Seek God and Jesus and let them show what is true.

So pray and read the Bible. The word and truth of God is recorded as a signpost, or map within the Bible. God speaks to you through the Bible. But you must ask God for truth. Ask God to help you see and to wake you up. Ask even about what you read in the Bible. Seek and you will find. Knock and the door will open. Just ask and keep asking and it shall be given to you.

The Clouded Lens and Universal Truth


Religion is a social-cultural system of designated behaviors and practices, morals, worldviews, texts, sanctified places, prophecies, ethics, or organizations that relate humanity to supernatural, transcendental, and spiritual elements.

At the fundamental level, all religions are derived from the same universal truth of life. Religion is usually a way a group of people come to represent their perception of this one universal truth. Often religion grows around one individual who awakens deeply to the universal truth within them. There fundamental nature. And the fundamental nature of all things as result. The nature of perception is that we all perceive the same, yet uniquely. Because each of us are unique, while the fundamental truth is the same. We are made of the fundamental truth itself, but we are uniquely ourselves at the same time. All things being a unique expression of the universal truth and essence we call God. When we come to live an earthly life, we take on the earthly life has to offer.

But we never leave what we are fundamentally to come. We only step into our earthly form as a human for a little while. The nature of being an earthly human is perceiving through the lens of the body and mind. Perceiving and experiencing all earthly things through this lens. The lens can be very clear, or it can be very cloudy. And also the nature the body and mind is very enticing and distracting. Very strong and compelling. Earthly life has to be strong and cunningly made to test the strength of our eternal nature. Physical reality is testing ground or school. It’s through this filter of physical life that we are tested, and that we grow.

As we live through cycles of earthly lives we as the perceiving awareness grow deeper and more vast. We rise along grading system, higher and higher towards deeper understanding of God. Ultimately learning the truth about reality. And for this reason what may be easy and obvious for one, may be challenging and unintelligible for another. But the strength of the test is proportional to the needs of the student. So that a newcomers challenge is proportionally as challenging as the test for an experienced soul. And in this way no ones test is ever more than another. Everyone is always tested according to there ability to receive. According to there much needed understanding. So this clarifies feelings of unfairness about other peoples paths. Comparing the perceived challenge of your life compared to another.

Because everyone is perfectly upon there path. This on truth eases much suffering from miss information about fairness of life. everything is perfectly in its place. And there is more than meets the eye. When Jesus as the full truth of God came among us, he carried a hug test upon his shoulders because of the nature of who he was. This is how he carried and resolved the burden for others around him. He past his test perfectly like no man before. Providing for us an example to live and spire toward. And at the same time making all of our tests easier. because the tests we face are always collective. This is because we are all a part of the same fundamental whole. And because we are we share collectively within everything that takes place in physical reality. This includes the collective knowledge and consciousness within the minds of mankind.

We all take upon us a body when we come to live an earthly life. The body can be thought of as a lens through which we perceive and experience earthly life. When we are born we are clear and blank lenses with no knowledge to cloud what we observe through the lens. We still perceive as our awareness the same as before we were born. But slowly we take on all of the knowledge of mankind from around us. All of the knowledge we gain tents the lens that we are perceiving through. The knowledge colors and distorts our perception of what experience and observed . And in with all the knowledge comes lots of things which are not true. Things which further distorts what we are perceiving. These untrue things comprise the cloudiness that gets in the way of seeing things as they truly are.

But our lenses can be cleared of the fogginess. leaving behind only the healthy knowledge that reflects the truth of reality. In this way we return to the clear perception we had as a child, but with all the knowledge we obtained through life. And this is a mirror of healing for the entire collective knowledge of mankind. For every person who clears there lens of the deceiving fogginess they also help all others to do the same. The same as Jesus did before us, but on a scale to match our own proportion and place within the body of God. We each are doing our part. The first step to clearing the lens is realizing it’s clouded. And realizing we are not the lens itself, but that which peers through the lens. We are not the knowledge within nth lens. We are the pure awareness which perceives.

There are always two major factors of earthly life. The pure soul awareness, and the earthly body or lens. We know the nature of the lens, but this is the smallest part of us. But the alluring and distracting nature of earthly life almost always causes us to forget our true nature as the soul awareness, and to make us think we are only the earthly body and the lens. And this is a large portion of the test of earthly life. But there is always an innate level of understanding within us which we call intuition. And even when we have forgotten what we are as the soul level awareness, we still experience this innate wisdom. This wisdom is not thought as we experience in our minds. But a deep internal knowing. An internal know that then flows from within into our minds and bodies. That tempers the lens and all of its knowledge.

God and heaven speak into us through this inner soul awareness and intuition. The purpose of earthly life on one level is the development and growth of our heavenly experience. We call this heavenly experience inner wisdom or intuition. The more we experience earthly life the more deep wisdom we have. And the more we intuitively feel the truth of life. Every experience we have leaves an eternal imprint of experience on our soul level awareness. This is only one way to grow spiritually. The path of testing through physical reality. And the more deep wisdom we have gained the less likely we are to be deceived by the cloudiness in the lens. And in part the cloudiness in other peoples lenses. The less likely we are to be distracted by earthly life. The more likely we are to be able to perceive the true nature of the lens itself.

The more likely we are able to perceive the true nature of physical reality. Because wisdom is the accumulation and eternal imprint of all the truth about earthly and heavenly reality we have ever gained. Earthly life is all about the tug of war between the two. Inner wisdom and distraction of physical reality. And the choices we make within free will. Our strength of inner wisdom is always there within us. And it call to us from beneath our distraction with earthly life. And those with a strong abundance of inner wisdom will feel a strong calling within them. this calling is there authentic self which tempers the draw of earthly life. Younger souls will l have less inner wisdom, and will often be more reckless within earthly life. And there are experienced souls as well.

There are around us souls who have much inner wisdom. Souls who have lived many lifetimes of experience. Souls who have a large store of inner wisdom. But even these souls will be tested according to there abilities. This is to facilitate their continual growth. Ultimately a soul will live many lifetimes until in one lifetime they finally awaken powerfully to all to all the inner wisdom they ever accumulated. When the fullness of all their earthly education has come to fruition. And when this happens its like a graduation. Because they have satisfied the need for the test of earthly life. They then will go about clearing their lenses from the perspective of the perceiving awareness. Because when they awaken they suddenly realize they are not the lens. And they are not the knowledge. They realize fully what is the true nature and what is the false nature. They instantly step back within their earthly form and observe the lens as the perceiving awareness. Instead of as being entangle in a false identity with the lens itself. And they will find their lens is full of misinformation.

They will look around them in peace observing the perfection of Gods plan even as they go about the challenge of clearing their lens. How everything even the distraction and challenges of earthly life as being perfect and beautiful. All from the understanding they gained through the polishing of many lifetimes. They will also see that many creations of mankind are full of misinformation as result of the misinformation within the minds of mankind. Not all creations, but many that are influenced by the cloudiness in the creators mind. And from there true perception they will go about clearing their own lens. This task is far reaching and effects all others, and even the all of reality. Because we and all things are interconnected as one inclusive whole, what one does effects all others. And an act done in alignment with the truth of God and reality has a powerful ripple effect on al l things.

This act mirrors what Jesus did before us. except Jesus according to his magnitude and authority as the fullness of Gods truth caused a very powerful effect among all of creation. This is how Jesus is sour savior. The ripples of his life and actions are still unfolding and reverberating through reality. Helping all of us to awaken to our truth in his example. This is how he prepared a way and a path for us and the significance of Jesus among us. Jesus has always been with us performing this task from the highest place of heaven beside and with God. But he came among us an earthly man to help us to break free, and to show us powerfully who he is. An that he is with us and always will be with us. These aspects of life are the fundamental and universal truth of God. The instructions and life example Jesus left for us to follow are the path to awakening. Jesus is with you now. Speaking into your heart and all you have to do is open your self to him. To say yes and ask for truth. There have been many before us who have awakened, but there is only one Jesus. There have been many who have awakened powerfully to the truth about their earthly forms and lens. And when we choose to seek God and truth Jesus and God and all of heaven move with us i our task. They are just waiting for us to accept and to take up our ultimate purpose. But they wont ever force us to choose.

The most powerful thing we can do is to choose to cleanse our lenses. When we do everything else become apparent. And our communication with God and heaven is realized. But even with a perfectly clear lens we still perceive based upon our own unique perception. Although our perception is unique, that which we perceive is the same. The truth that we observe is universal and the same. But when we explain the truth it’s from the only perception we have. Our own. And that’s why there are so many views about the one universal truth of God. And that’s why there is truth in all corner of the knowledge of mankind, as well as misinformation.

When someone awakens and clears there lens they align powerfully with the true flow of reality. And when this takes place it stands out in contrast against all that is still clouded in the lenses of others. Or the lens of others may keep them from even trying to understand at all. But the power of cleansing the lens is so profound that even for those who deny it the earthly effects can not be ignored.

Then as the one who cleansed their lens goes about life helping others to cleanse their lenses, they grow into a legend. Or maybe are raise up as a deity. But all those with cloudy lenses don’t realize that the one who cleansed their lens is exactly like them. No more and no less. That they only finally managed to cleanse their lens through many lifetimes of experience. Despite this, all those with cloud lenses raise them up on a pedestal. When the greatest thing to do is to follow their example. Knowing that all they have done is within reach and capability.

The process of achieving a fully cleansed lens used to be more uncommon. But now things are gaining momentum. This is due to the pressure of the cloudiness within all our lenses. Because the nature of the cloudiness is that as the lens becomes cloudy, it ultimately drives us to clear the cloudiness. And the cloudiness accumulates until something is done about it. So the pressure of the cloudiness leads to its own demise. Ultimately it pops. And it also leads to a greater understanding of the state of clarity within the lens. Because when you really know and experience the nature of cloudiness, you also really know the nature of clarity.

God knows that we ae forgetful as earthly humans. And God wants us to share knowledge. This is why God gave u the knowledge to record a representation of our knowledge using writing and languages. God want us to preserve the representation of the universal truth to share among us. But only to serve as a sign post or map to the universal truth within. Along with obtaining a clear lens and open doorway to God truth comes a desire to share what we have found. And so a master of truth may write down a representation of the pure truth the master perceives. Knowing that ultimately the representation of the truth will helps others to graduate to the pure truth as well.

In some cases the master may write and record. In others the ones who knew the master records. In either case after the master’s death, the story and teaching of that master gets preserved. Either through writing or word of mouth. But the ones who pass down the story and teaching themselves have cloudy lenses. The ones writing down the teaching themselves have cloudy lenses. So through time and often by no intentions of harm, the cloudiness seeps over into the passing of words. And the cloudiness seeps over into the writing of the account and teachings of the master.

Then also sometimes an earthly soul comes along who has a very clouded lens. A lens that is full of deceit and lust for earthly power. And this earthly soul takes the profound teaching of that master and twists them to his clouded purposes. In this way, the original intention of the master that was written or passed down becomes a clouded lens as well. But the original teaching is in itself a reflection of the clear lens, so it can be thought of as a mirror of a clear lens. But anything written down or taught through word of mouth is ever only a mirror of a true lens. A reflection. A lens through which to gaze at reality and perceive the earthly and spiritual truth as a combined whole.

This is the nature of religion. All religions are lenses through which we can look at reality and observe the fundamental nature of reality. But because anything written down or passed along is only a mirror of a real lens, it can never be the real lens itself. Only a representation. And just the same as the lenses within us all, the mirror of the lens within us is not that which is observed through the lens itself.

That which is observed is the fundamental truth of life and God. And we all observe the one fundamental truth through our own lenses uniquely. We are all looking through our own lenses clouded by distracting and misleading information. So we may not even be able to understand what we are seeing properly. But we are trying and God knows. This is the challenge of Religion itself and earthly life. But also the perfection. And this is why we have so many religions. Underneath them all is the same truth. They are all a part of the same whole.

Each of us has more or less cloudiness in our lenses. Each of us has more or less deep wisdom to guide our perceiving awareness as we look through our own lenses. The nature of any lens is for us to observe. To experience and to come to know and understand that which is observed and experienced through the lens. We are the perceiving awareness that peers through the lens with all its cloudiness or lack thereof.

In heaven within us, there are no lenses to observe through. As pure awareness you are devoid of a lens. You see only according to your inner wisdom of experience. In heaven, you are all the inner wisdom you have ever gained instantly with no lens in the way at all. But the minute you come to earthly life you put on your lens. And as you grow your lens becomes cloudy according to your life’s path. And according to your inner wisdom of experience.

In heaven, there is one among us who is paramount. But just because he is paramount he is not above us or below us. Because in heaven all are perfectly equal parts the same whole. Every aspect comprising the inner working and perfection of the whole itself. When we clear our lenses in earthly life we take on this same equality. We throw out all the false information about separation and competition. We adopt unity and cooperation. Non division. We see clearly again that we are a part of this perfect whole.

This one among us who is paramount and has the highest authority and responsibility with God is who we have called Jesus. And there was a time in the relatively recent past when God and Jesus decide to come among us as an earthly man. Jesus who is the authority of God and with God came and put upon himself a lense. And when he did this he carried the weight of his lens and all the cloudiness with perfect grace. Being able to see and clear his lens like no one who ever came into earthly life before.

Jesus’s ability to cleanse his lens was so powerful that he didn’t just clear his lens. He affected everyone else lenses as well. And because of his authority, he was able to perform what we call miracles. He vastly reduced and broke up the source of the cloudiness for all of us. Helping all others to more easily have the ability to cleans their lenses as well. And he knew that even though he would bring the clarity of vision to the earthly world, the cloudiness in everyone else’s lenses would seek his destruction. Because the cloudiness doesn’t want to dissolve. It’s very habitual and sticky in nature and has a pattern of self-preservation.

Jesus could never force us to choose the clear vision of truth, he could only show us and let us choose. Because we have free will. And in that free will in the perfection of God’s plan. Out ability to learn. For this reason, he knew he would be killed by the people whose lenses were badly clouded. But in the process, he would be helping everyone to become free by being the perfect example of Gods truth. And also he knew everyone had cloudy lenses didn’t know how cloudy they were. He forgave and loved those who harmed him knowing they couldn’t see.

The cloudiness always seeks to cover up what is real. To deny us from seeing clearly through our lenses. It wants to blind us to strength and truth that would help us to clear our lenses. Because the cloudiness is only misguided information. Habitual misaligned and sticky patterns of thought and being. Misplaced energy. And because it has a momentum it seeks to maintain that momentum. Acting very much like a really bad habit. Or a heavy groove in a path that a wheel always falls into. It seeks to cover anything that breaks that momentum. Not that it’s sentient. It’s only the strength of our minds when they are misguided and programmed with the cloudiness. You are really facing the strength of your own mind.

This is the nature of perception, and the malady we all face. This is the nature of religion. The cloudiness gets passed from generation to generation within our knowledge. And all knowledge tints that which we see through our lenses. Buddha was a soul who lived enough lifetimes to finally clear his lenses and help others to do the same. Religion grew around him. The religion being the reflection of the clear perception of what is as seen through the cleared lens within Buddha. The religion being a reflection of that truth.

Religion is a little lens in itself with which to view reality. And also imparted within the religion is the perception of reality as viewed through the lenses of those who wrote it all down and passed the story along. The same story can be found in all religions. In Taoism, Buddhism, Hindu, Islam, and on and on. The names may change and the imagery but the truth is the same. Jesus, God, and heaven may be called something else by various religions but they are the same forces. The one truth underneath that is observed and reached for is the same. But the perception of the truth is different according to the ability to receive and perceive. According to the society the master grew up in. According to the time the master lived, According to the clarity of the lens and deep inner wisdom of the one who gained mastery.

Or according to the ones who tried to preserve the master’s story and teachings. The driving factor is our freewill and choice. Our faith in what we choose to believe. Because as we believe so to shall it be done. This is why Jesus said the faith of a mustard seed can move mountains. Your faith in the clouded misinformation about God and reality can chain and bind you. But also your faith and belief in the truth of God and realty can set you free. And the truth always sets you free. The truth is how you clear you lens. By seeking and asking for the truth of God and reality. And even if you just act on your God given curiosity you are asking and you are receiving. We are curious for a reason. Its Ok to ask God anything. You will find books, teachers, and writing. And ultimately you will find your self heading in one direction. Inward to the source of truth. God and heaven within you. Seek first the kingdom of heaven and all else shall become clear. All else shall be added to you.

Within all of these places, there is the truth of God. But also the cloudiness, which is the lies about God and reality. And the account of Christianity is the account of Jesus who came among us as the highest authority under God. This is what sets Christianity apart from other religions. But this in no way makes Christianity better or more than any other. Because just like in heaven here in earthly life no singular thing is ever better or more than another. Every aspect even the cloudiness itself is a part of the perfection of reality.

Even within Christianity, the cloudiness has seeped in. Christianity has been used for purposes that are not aligned with the truth of God. The same as other religions. But that doesn’t mean the lens is useless. It just means you must clear your own lens so you see the cloudiness within the smaller lens of that religion. And this cloudiness can be found everywhere within any works of mankind. Because anything we make will be clouded by our lens that we perceive through. Religion is always the handiwork of an earthly man or woman.

The deepest religion and truth is written by the hand of God and is within us and all things. And we must seek within us for this truth. This is the purpose of religion as it should be. A signpost that points to the truth within. A key that unlocks the kingdom of heaven, but no more. And once you find heaven and cleanse your lenses, then you see the cloudiness everywhere. On your path of discovery and awakening study all religions. Look within them and let them guide you to the universal truth of God. Then you will see the universal truth of God everywhere. And also the cloudiness that blocks the truth of God.

But we should not do away with religion until there is much more clarity among the collective knowledge and minds of mankind. Religion is an important tool to help mankind achieve balance and alignment with the universal truth of God. And the record of Jesus in Christianity is very important. The truth about God and Jesus is of great importance to mankind. Because Jesus is the highest authority with God. And his message and instructions are a powerful away to cleanse your lens. A powerful sign post. Even if you follow another religions Jesus is still there. You may call him something different, he is still the highest authority who moves and acts along with God on your behalf.

All of the masters of truth that ever were also move and act along with you. Because in heaven all move and act as one purpose in Grace. And speak with one voice. They are more concerned about you coming to God than anything else. Coming to the truth. And this is the truth about religion. All religions are a part of the same whole. We need unity of mankind and religions not division. We need to coexist as one. To see we are all a part of the same whole, and all walking towards the same destination. If you ask God and Jesus they will simply tell you the truth. Even my writing is a signpost pointing the way. Showing you where to look. How to find the kingdom of heaven within you. And when you find it you will receive the truth from God. And the truth will set you free. Free from all of your cloudiness.

You will see clearly again just like you did as a child. Like you did before you were born. Like you will even after what we call death. because we are eternal and heaven is now. The kingdom of heaven is at hand. Because even though your earthly form falls away along with its lens, you as the one who looked through the lens just keep right on going. Just like all the masters before you, you will gain mastery of yourself. Mastery means clearing your lens. And you never do this alone. Even if you don’t ask for help, just you trying is asking and God and heaven move with you. And you will discover they are their.

So why not just ask? And this is the message God brought to us when Jesus came among us as the highest authority under God. This record survives within Christianity and is very important. But so is the record of truth within all religions. Because all of these are speaking the same truth. All religion is meant to be a reflection of the truth of God within. No matter what religion you follow God accepts you and loves you. And its the power of your belief and faith that are your true strength.

God wants you to have a close personal relationship with him. Your most authentic relationship. The same as you were before you were born. Really this is true now you have just forgotten. Your lenses are only clouded for a little while. But you can ask for the truth that clears your lens now. You can have the truth and clarity of your authentic nature. You can awaken to the heaven that is yours now. To seek first the kingdom of heaven, and all else shall be added to you.

Because when you seek truth and clear your lens, everything else becomes clear. And all you have to do is ask. And keep asking. Seek and keep seeking. You will be guided and supported every step of the way. This is ultimately what you’re doing right now. On the path of your life. Every choice and experience is adding to your inner wisdom. And everything is perfectly in its place.

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The Nature of Prayer and Emotional Guidance

When you pray try to recognize the feeling of God’s presence. It’s warm and loving. Full of peace. It is very steady and secure. Never wavering. The calmest center within you. Then as you practice recognizing the presence of God you will realize you have felt this all along. You just didn’t realize what it was. You have really been spoken to and guided all along, through your whole life. You just are so distracted by your mind and body that you don’t realize the soft yet powerful voice of God and heaven within you. This voice isn’t a voice you hear with your ears. The only time you hear this voice is when someone who hears it clearly themselves allows this voice to speak through them.

You have been receiving messages all along. You have just been confusing them with your own thoughts and perceptions. You have forgotten what you are. You have forgotten the way you spoke to God before you came into your physical body. But the same voice of God and heaven is there that was there before you were born. This voice comes from within. It is always there because you are a part of the body of God. Prayer is speaking to God the way you did before you were born. Your still in heaven now with God and Angels. You just have forgotten. The kingdom of heaven is at hand.

As you try to learn how to hear God and heaven’s voice again, you will slowly begin to understand what is being said to you. At first, you may just feel a sense of calm and peace. But persist because you are heard. Allow your self to be very open minded. A large part of what binds you is your disbelief.

This is where faith comes in. Faith is reaching for the truth of God again and again despite the patterns of resistance within your mind. And as you pray repeatedly seeking God, you will be guided again and again. Your patterns of resistance will begin to fall away as you awaken to your true nature. If you do this with conviction and an open-minded nature, allowing the truth to come into you you will find God and all of heaven speaking to you. You will be answered. And then you will be shown again. Every time you are shown you may have resistance come within your mind. Doubts and fears about what is happening. These are just a part of your false self and unconsciousness. You false identification with your mind and all of its thoughts. False identification with your body. But you are waking up. As you pray and seek God you will be reminded again, and again. But you have to have faith.

As you progress you will begin to recognize the voice and messages of God and heaven. To distinguish their presence and messages. Because it won’t just be God speaking to you. It will be messengers of God or Angels. Each of us is being guided by God and Angels all the same time. In heaven, they all move and work together as one movement under God. You will begin to recognize when they are speaking into your heart. You will begin to move as one movement with them.

The messages will simply arise from within you. They come from within and flow into your physical mind and body. You will feel the imprint of their meaning. You will feel the truth of God within them. Their signature feels like love and peace. Us your emotional guidance system to feel the messages. They come as simple knowing awareness first and then flow into your mind where you can think of them. Into your body where you experience them physically. As above so below. This is what it means to be a channel. But in reality, we are all channels to God and heaven. The only difference is that someone we may call a channel or prophet has opened the doorway within them to this communication. They have chosen to overcome their own set of limitations of doubt. Doubt can either entrap you or it can set you free. You can doubt what is true of reality and God and in yourself, or you can doubt what is false and set your self free. And the way you know the difference is by how you feel. Your emotions are part of prayer. Your emotional guidance system is like a compass.

Thoughts aligned with the truth of God and your truth feel free and easy. Happy and light. Thoughts that are misaligned are heavy and a burden. Mis-aligned thoughts pull you out of your calm center, and they cause unpleasant emotions as a result. As a warning sign that you are going in the wrong direction. They pull you out of alignment with God and reality. As you pray and seek the truth of God, all that is not the truth of God will begin to stand out in sharp contrast. Both within you and within others around you. And also within the world around you as you perceive the creations of mankind. The actions of mankind which are a result of aligned and misaligned thoughts. In this way, you use prayer and your heart as tools to guide you on your path of awakening. To find your way home to the truth of God that you are. All prophets of God have simply awoken to their true nature and found God and Angel speaking to them. And you can do this too. This potential is already yours and you have all the support of God and heaven within you.

Because we are all a part of the body of God, we are all interconnected to each other as well. In this way, it is possible for all of us to communicate with each other on a purely non-physical basis. As pure awareness. This has been called psychic phenomena. But it’s just a natural part of what we all are. And prayer is just our psychic connection to God and Angels.

This prayer communication is how everyone in heaven communicates. And we are still in heaven now as we stand in a physical body. The kingdom of heaven is at hand. We are always communicating this way ourselves. We are just so distracted from it that we don’t realize it’s happening. This also how empathy works. We feel each other because we are all interconnected. And if we are very distracted from our true nature from being unconscious, we will have less empathy. Unconsciousness causes all of the terrible misaligned things in the world. Because no one who is even remotely aware would ever harm another.

This is the nature of prayer. It’s within all of us. But so many are chained by disbelief that they hold themselves away from what is already theirs.
Angels and God know we are unconscious. They know we are distracted. They know where we are looking, and where we are not looking. They know we are looking outside of us. At computer screens and books. TVs and video games. They will also try to get our attention through the things we are all fixated on. But they will never force us.

As you begin praying and asking to see the truth, you will begin to notice that Angels and God will show you signs in the world around you. You will see repeating numbers. 111, 222, 333, 444, or any repeating numbers. You will see these again and again. You may see words that mean something specific to you. Of numbers such as your birthday. Every time you may say it’s just a coincidence. But you will see them again. You will be reminded. They are trying to draw your attention to them. To let you know they are there displaying to you their presence.

You may also see words that stand out to you as if they are emphasized. The words will be perfect messages in response to your questions. Again you may doubt, but they will continue to show you these signs. You may also see religious symbols. Infinity signs in objects around you. Advertising that stands out perfectly as a message to your questions. And this to will repeat again and again. Keep seeking them. Keep praying and asking. They are helping you to remember what you are. They are trying to draw you inward to your true nature. To the kingdom of heaven within you. The source of all reality.

As you progress in this way you will grow more and more aware of God and Angel’s presence. Their messages will become clear. They will also guide you to books that contain the truth of God. Books by spiritual teachers. The Bible and other religious texts that contain the message of God within them. They are trying to educate you. To wake you up to who and what you are. And when you awaken you will find the greatest source of wisdom within you. The source from which all spiritual teachers draw their wisdom. The kingdom of heaven and God within.

This may feel like a calling from within you. A great desire to know and understand reality. Heed this call. Ask and it shall be given. Seek and you shall find. This way of communicating through prayer is how you have always spoken to God. And how you will always speak to God. It can never be taken away. It’s always there you just have forgotten.

Sometimes you may catch glimpses of this. You may suddenly think of someone you love and then they will call on the phone. You may need something and suddenly it arrives. You may be provided with the information you need in a sudden flash of insight. Things are always working out and these things are not coincidences. They are synchronicities. The work of God and angel in your life. These synchronicities have even been called luck. But there is no luck. It’s the hand of God and Angels. And the more you draw near to them the more they can work with and through you. The more you align and follow their guidance the more they can help. The more everything you truly need flows to you. And the more you view on what you need changes as well. because your desire will shift to an authentic desire for true riches. Alignment and the truth of God. To be aligned and move and work with God in Grace. Your cup will run over. You will be in the world but not of it. Not entrapped by the world but able to enjoy it authentically.

God and Angels desire greatly to help you. To do everything within their power to assist you in your life’s path. But they will never walk your path for you. You must walk your path and that includes the bitter and the sweet. But when you know the truth about God and reality, even the bitter becomes sweet. Because you see how everything is there for your own betterment. Not that so many misaligned things have to be, but because we are free to choose we choose these struggles for ourselves. And with every choice we are learning. The capacity for all that may occur has to be present. And we can at any time choose a better path. A path aligned with our true nature and the true nature of God. Everything is perfectly in its place and unfolding according to the perfection of God’s plan.

Photo by Chris Liverani on Unsplash

Birth Gender Miscarriage Abortion and Reincarnation

There is significant controversy over abortion. And also great suffering when a family experiences a miscarriage. The suffering comes from misunderstanding about the cycle of life and death. And also from misidentification with the physical body. In order to understand the truth about these things, you have to understand the truth about God and reality. The truth that sets you free. That in reality, we all live lifetime after lifetime participating in different roles in physical reality. This is to facilitate our eternal growth. When you realize how the cycle of life really works, subjects such as these become more clear.

God holds reality strictly in place within defined laws. And reality must unfold according to these laws. If a seed is sown, and the conditions are right, then the mother must become pregnant. When a mother is expecting a child, the soul of that child is a soul who is wanting to come to her. A soul who is perfect for here and the soul. That soul will come again, and again every time the mother loses a baby. The soul will simply wait for the next chance. Until the time comes when the soul is born clothed in a physical body, a physical baby.

The physical form of the baby is important, but the soul of the baby is of the most emphasis. You must realize that the soul is the eternal part of the baby and will never be lost. So when a mother becomes pregnant, if she has a miscarriage, then the soul of the baby she was expecting only waits for the next opportunity to come again. And if the mother, for whatever reason, never becomes pregnant again, the soul of the baby will often wait. The soul will wait for the mother’s physical life to complete so that they can meet in nonphysical. All the while being aware of the mother while she lives her physical life.

The same is true for abortion. This is a challenging subject because it leads to the subject of forced pregnancy and rape. Both of which acts are caused by great unconsciousness within the individual who caused such harm. It also leads to the subject of ending a life. But always, the truth stands that the soul that comes to the mother is always a soul who is desiring to be born to her. If the mother who was harmed had more awareness and knew the truth about reality, she would realize that the physical form of the baby was of much less importance than the soul of the baby. And the same can be true of her view upon the one who caused her harm.

Because with awareness comes the truth that whoever may harm you is badly unconscious. Someone who is this badly unconscious and misaligned with the truth of God doesn’t know any better. But despite this, they must learn from their mistake. If they don’t repent and learn from their mistakes in their physical life, it will come after their physical life. And at the end of the physical life. They will have to stand before God bare as their soul level awareness and come to terms with the very clear realization of every unconscious act they ever performed.

This isn’t a test to be taken lightly. But we will never be thrown into hell. We will never cast away. We will have to come to understand from our choices and to grow from them. We will then in our naked truth before God choose to come and live again. To live a life according to the previous choices. According to the mistakes made in the previous life. To atone for their mistakes. To learn and grow from them. These lessons aren’t to be taken lightly. But this leads to the teachings of Jesus, who said,” Love your enemies”. Because there are no enemies, only misguided souls.” And when he was being crucified said. “Forgive them for they know not what they do .” And if you have a deeper awareness, then even someone who takes your very life will be loved and forgiven. You will have nothing but compassion, love, and forgiveness when you realize the true nature of reality.

Just the same as Jesus loved and forgave the ones who were killing him. Jesus is the example for us to live by and to obtain to. This awareness is what we all obtain when we pass from physical life. At the end of life, we always instantly see things as they truly are, and we instantly love and forgive all injustices done to us. This is true even if we lost our physical life to being harmed by a very unconscious individual. We don’t have to wait for death to have this awareness. We can seek God and Jesus and all the angels in heaven and ask for the truth. We can ask for what is real. This is the true meaning of repentance. Realizing your errors and correcting your course before God. But if it doesn’t come while in your physical life, it will come after. And this is the true nature of God that reflects the messages and life of Jesus. Jesus was the personification of God in a physical body when he lived among us as a man. Jesus is the highest authority under God in the kingdom of heaven within you.

When you ask to see things as they truly are, you will be given the truth. You will be given the truth that sets you free. And when you gain this awareness within physical life, you have awoken fully to your true nature the same as if you had died. But you haven’t died. You have only awoken. You have awoken and had your final judgment before actually dying. This is the true meaning of final judgment. And also the true meaning of being born again in Christ. Not that you will live one life, be judged, and then cast into hell to burn forever. But that you will live one life, you will have the final judgment or counsel, and you will be corrected and set in order.

And this truly reflects what Jesus taught us about the truth of God. Jesus was always compassionate and forgiving. Never angry and never wrathful. He was imploring us to repent now instead of to wait for death. So that we could live in the freedoms and blessing of the truth of reality. And not have to face God and the final counsel with a burden full to the brim. he was imploring us to seek the truth of God and live upright lives aligned with our true nature and the true nature of God.

Can you imagine a God who would love you and take care of you all through your life, just to toss you into the torture of hell for eternity afterward? This is complete nonsense and is not the truth of God and life. Jesus, God, and all of heaven will intercede for you in physical life if you call on them. But the same stands for you after physical life as well. Just because you have transitioned out of your physical form doesn’t mean the same love and truth of God doesn’t apply. The idea that God, Jesus, and all of heaven would suddenly change their minds just because you transitioned is false. A part of the lies within the minds of mankind.

The Prince of Lies. These lies have also found their way into the Bible. If you don’t come to your repentance and final judgment in your physical life, it will come after your physical life when your physical form falls away leaving you bare before God and Heaven. But you will always be loved and healed. You will be shown the way. And devoid of your physical form and mind where the Prince of Lies lives, you will instantly see the truth of God and reality. You will never ever be cast away or left to burn in torture in the nonexistent hell. When you seek the final judgment in physical life you will die to the old false self, and be reborn as the new. God will set you in order, but you have to choose to come to God.

You have to do your part. No one can live your life for you. You will never be forced. All of heaven is at your disposal right now. All of Heaven is there to support you in the process of awakening, but you have to say yes. You will never be forced. And you will have to work hard to overcome the unconscious patterns you have accumulated living unconsciously. To remove your Prince of Lies. God, Jesus, and all the angels move as one movement, and they are with you. You feel them in your heart.

They move as one purpose and Grace under God. And when you ask for truth and awaken to your true awareness you will come to move in Grace with God as well. This is the deepest meaning of baptism. When we repent for sins or errors and step into our true nature we are just beginning to leave our old false self behind. Baptism is a ceremony that mirrors the life and death cycle. Baptism mirrors the final judgment counsel at the end of one life, and before the next. But it takes place within a physical life instead of at the completion of one physical life.

And it takes you to initiate this rebirth by the strength or your choice and free will. Use your choice in the direction of truth instead of lies. Towards alignment instead of misalignment. This is the same truth Jesus personified as he walked in physical reality. This is why he said, “Forgive those who trespass against you.” Jesus knew the truth about free will and our eternal nature. He knew about reincarnation, although this is a greatly misunderstood aspect of the Bible. And as Jesus mirrors the truth of God, God also forgives those who trespass against him.

Never throwing us away. So for the mother that may have been harmed, she could make a choice aligned with the truth of God. To stand firm in the truth of God and break the chain of unconsciousness with her. To pray for love and forgive the one who caused her harm. In the process, she would not become more unconscious herself, and she would not make errors herself. She would be able to stand before God and say she made a choice aligned with the truth concerning the baby, despite the weight of the difficulty.

And then to see that the child is a soul who is perfect for her. That the physical form is the least pressing matter. That she can have the child and give thanks for it. But these are challenging lessons for any who has ever been so roughly mistreated. And my words are taken with the greatest seriousness. My understanding of the situation is never taken lightly. That God knows our struggles, and that no matter what you choose to do, your choices are always between you and God. You are free to choose. But Jesus is the example before us. That he forgave and loved even as he was tortured and crucified on the cross. The truth always stands that when it’s time for a soul to enter physical life again, that soul will always be paired up with the parents who will best serve that soul’s further development.

And at the same time, the mother will be someone who will gain the most development out of having that soul as a child. In both cases, there is soul level experience gained, Eternal soul level binding of experience. Often souls will live many lifetimes with the same souls as parents, children, friends, and relatives, only changing roles and genders from lifetime to lifetime. It’s important to realize that physical reality must unfold. That God holds the laws of physical reality strictly in place.

And if the seed is sown, and the if conditions are right, a mother must become pregnant. Whether it was intentional or not. And, of course, the father plays a role in things as well. A soul who chooses to come always chooses based on the factors involved. Whether coming into a stable family or the life of a single mother. All the things are known, and strong bonds are formed with fathers as well. The same is true for children who are orphans and are adopted. The physical form of the child is of less importance in this regard than the soul of that child. And we are all family on the soul level; the adopted child is just as much your child as a child born to you.

You may wonder what is the case with deformities of the mind and body. If the seed is sown, then reality must unfold. Due to physical, environmental, and mental factors that are also unfolding, there can sometimes be errors within the developing physical form. There are many conditions caused by physical factors that are in themselves a result of misaligned actions. Pollution is caused by misaligned actions of humanity falsely identified with their true nature. Diet plays a huge role, and the majority of humans eat very poorly. Genetically modified foods and pesticides. Nutritionally baron food from harmful farming practices for generations.

These factors play a larger role than many assume, and are out of alignment with the truth of God. The mental state of the mother affects the baby. The level of her unconsciousness and stress. Th physicals\ factors of the life in which she lives. In some cases, very unhealthy actions taken on the part of the mother affects the growing form of the child. And also we are evolving creatures, and we experience the effects of genetics. We as animals have perpetuated many forms of unhealthy genetics throughout history. But this is just a part of the unfolding of physical reality and the choices we have made.

Reality must unfold. So for many, they find that this becomes their path. To live life with these physical deformations. But this doesn’t make them any less perfect than anyone else. And it doesn’t make them any less loved by God or essential. They are still a perfect part of the Body of God. It’s just that this becomes their perfect path of growth. There is also great controversy over gender. And this is all due to the same misidentification with the physical mind and body. And also misinformation within the Bible and culture. To understand gender, you first have to remember that we are not our minds and bodies.

We are pure soul level awareness within our physical forms. And as this pure soul-level awareness, we have no gender. As the perceiving soul that you are, you are neither male nor female. You take on these aspects when you choose to come and live another physical life. Taking on the aspect of either a male or a female serves the role of providing your soul level education and experience. Everyone one of us has lived or will live physical life within the roles of either a male or female physical forms and all that goes along with it. Sometimes when we choose to come into physic a life, we may still carry a strong affinity for a past life gender role that we played.

And because we may still have a strong imprint of the previous gender role, we may find it challenging to adjust to our new physical form as the opposite gender of the one we previously left. This can be very challenging for the soul, and for some, they choose to stand with their previous identification. For some, they may still feel their sense of being neither gender, or both genders at once. Also, sometimes with physical life, there may be physical factors that cause gender issues within our physical forms. Physical issues related to genetics and environmental factors the same as spoken of before. Or maybe even social influences or trauma. All of which is a part of the perfection of free will as physical reality must unfold.

But the truth stands that if it takes place, it’s within the intelligence and purpose of God’s eternal plan. And the capacity must be there for these things to take place. Otherwise, we and physical reality itself would not be free and dynamic. We and physical reality would cease to function as it does. There is a great lie in the Bible that we should persecute anyone who struggles with their gender. God will never throw anyone of us away. God will always stand by us in every choice we make, and ultimately, every choice we make leads to the fulfillment of our greatest purpose.

This is the school of life. It is not our place to judge. So treat people who struggle with their gender roles as you treat yourself. Stepping into the judgment of another is only stepping into error yourself. Love them with the same love and respect that God had for them. The way God loves you. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Judge no one but only love and support. Jesus told us to LOVE, and he was telling us the true nature of God. The word sin often comes to mind within these subjects.

The word sin only means misunderstanding. And who among us doesn’t sin and misunderstand. This leads to Jesus’s words, “Let the first on among you who is without sin cast the first stone.” The truth of God is compassion and understanding. Unconditional love. Unconditional support and guidance. Eternal patience. And this is the truth of God. No one will ever be cast into hell and tortured forever. In my church, which mirrors the heavenly Church of God, all are welcome. Gender is not a dividing factor. I will preach the true nature of God and reality as it has been shown to me. The true church of God is unconditional love.

When I was still very sick, at the beginning of my healing, I saw flashes of my past lives. They led up to the life I lived before the one I am now as I’m writing to you. When the vision of my previous life came, I saw a soldier’s burial. A rifle standing as it was driven into the ground with a helmet placed atop. It became known within me that I had died in Vietnam. That I had died in the war, caught up in the unconsciousness of those times. I was given my name, who I was in that life. This impacted me very strongly, and I was very emotional as the buried imprint of the reality of my past life played out within my physical form.

I was very emotional and shaken. And this was a great release and healing moment for me as well. Remembering my past lives was a part of my awakening to the soul level awareness that I am within my physical form. I saw how every life I had lived carried over into the next. And in my past life, I had made the largest errors of any life I have ever had. I saw how at the end of that life, and in between all of my lives, I had had counsel with God, Jesus, and Angels. That at the moment of my death I was bare before God and had a counsel where I was comforted, healed, and guided.

I saw the error of my past choices and knew that I had to make it right. But I wasn’t cast into hell to burn for eternity. I stood before God and repented knowing I had been unconscious caught up in the events of mankind. Caught up in unconsciousness. Still, I am responsible. And God knew my challenge. In reality, God and all the Angels in heaven had been with me all through every lifetime. This is the true nature of God’s love for us.

And here I am in physical life again. I told God that I would make it right within this lifetime. I came again eagerly to fulfill this purpose. I have made mistakes in this life as well. I was as unconscious as everyone else. But I have kept my word to God. Nearly everyone falls unconscious as they grow up in physical life. Misidentified with their physical forms. But my calling is strong and I’ve lived many lives. It was time for me to awaken in this way. All that I share with you is from my experience and my counsel with God, Jesus, and Angels as I am fully aware of them now in this life.

I want my example and experience to be a guide for you. If you will listen and accept my guidance. To hear the true nature of Christianity and the Bible. The true nature of religion as it should be a reflection of the universal truth of God within us and all things. Who Jesus really is. Who you really are. Who God really is. The truth about life and death. the truth about reality. To pray and ask God to show you what is real and true. That it will be given to you. That you will never be thrown away. But you will be set free.

Within these laws of reality is the underlying strength and truth of God. The truth about our eternal nature. And great love of God and heaven for all of us. We know all that may befall us when we choose to come here. And we choose to come eagerly. From this view, anything that ever happens to us is only a part of our further eternal growth and development. Not that it has to be so hard. Or that there has to be such

unconsciousness within the world. But that because we are free to choose, we have chosen this for ourselves. Reality must unfold. We are eternal consciousness within. Stronger than physical reality can hold. If you could realize your true nature in an instant, you would be unbounded in every aspect of your life. Seek, and you will find. Knock, and the door will open. Just ask God and keep asking until you find it. Its already yours.

Give a shoutout to Charles Deluvio on Unsplash for the image.

Jesus’s Awakening

We don’t have to stay in bondage to false identity with our minds. We can seek the truth of God that sets us free. And Jesus is an example of a man who did just this thing. He did it masterfully and with great truth. This verse is the account and example of Jesus finally overthrowing the liar in his mind. The unconsciousness within his mind.

Matthew 4:1-11

Then Jesus was led by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted[a] by the devil. 2 After fasting forty days and forty nights, he was hungry. 3 The tempter came to him and said, “If you are the Son of God, tell these stones to become bread.”4 Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.’[b]”5 Then the devil took him to the holy city and had him stand on the highest point of the temple. 6 “If you are the Son of God,” he said, “throw yourself down. For it is written:“‘He will command his angels concerning you,and they will lift you in their hands,so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.’[c]”7 Jesus answered him, “It is also written: ‘Do not put the Lord your God to the test.’[d]”8 Again, the devil took him to a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their splendor. 9 “All this I will give you,” he said, “if you will bow down and worship me.”10 Jesus said to him, “Away from me, Satan! For it is written: ‘Worship the Lord your God, and serve him only.’[e]”11 Then the devil left him, and angels came and attended him.

Jesus was a physical man just the same as any other man who ever came into physical reality. He was born of a man and a woman and came into the physical world the same as all other men. But it was his soul level of consciousness and experience that was so advanced and profound. Jesus is really the highest level of authority under God in the kingdom of heaven. And the message of the truth of God that he came to deliver was his purpose for coming into physical life. He came to prepare a path for us by overcoming the strong unconscious patterns of mankind. Helping to break there hold on the collective consciousness of mankind. His life mirrors all the rest of our lives in that he is the example for us for us to aspire.

The example by which to live. The life he lived in the example of the truth of God made flesh. But this example is within all our grasp as well because he prepared a way for us. In this way he is our savior along with God and all of heaven. The truth of God is within every one of us as well. And we are also the truth of God made flesh, but we differ in magnitude and quantity. But also in equality a perfect part of the body of God. All walking through the experiences of many lifetimes towards the very same self-mastery that Jesus exemplified for us. Jesus spent his life following the calling of God within him, he lived and learned like any other man.

And the mastery of his mind and wisdom of his words and actions show that he must have experienced everything there is to know from physical life. he would have experienced all the trials of life we all face. Including loving a woman. He would have been exposed to all the unconsciousness of his time. H would have taken the liar into himself when he grew as a child. Jesus knew all about the prince of lies. The parasite that comes into our minds with all the knowledge of the world. And he knew because he had the liar in his mind as well. But Jesus was and is of the highest authority under God and this is the strength and truth of God that was and is within him. That the world couldn’t hold him and he overcame the world. He overcame all the challenges of physical life and showed us the way.

This verse in the Bible is an example of Jesus’s awakening. When the verse says that Jesus was led into the wilderness to be tempted it is telling of the nature of the calling of God within us. As we heed the call we wander into the wilderness within our minds. In this wilderness, we wonder for many days as we begin to learn what we are and what we are not. The fasting for 40 days and nights is exemplifying the thirst and hunger for the truth of God.In the wilderness, we are tempted by every thought that comes to mind. We begin to break identification with our thoughts and minds.

With our bodies. And as we step firmly in the direction of truth all that is not true within us moves in the opposite direction. All that is false begins to stand out in sharp contrast. But at every corner, the liar in our minds will seek to hide within our minds. To trick us back into identification with it. The liar can’t stand the light of truth. To be seen for what it is. And if we allow this we will become entangled in this identity again hardly being able to see where we as the true self begin and the false self ends.

The liar will try to deceive us about everything. It will say God isn’t there and that Guides aren’t there. It will make you doubt everything about yourself and everything around you. It will use everything around you against you. It will try to make up look like down and black look like white. It’s responsible for all of the discord in the physical world. The discourse in the verse above is an example of the thoughts Jesus was overcoming as he was overcoming his liar.

His liar was tempting him with everything that meant the most to Jesus. And Jesus shows his ability to choose the truth in all cases. This is an example of the final conflict between Jesus and his liar when he finally overturned his liar for good gaining mastery over his mind. Aligning himself as one singular whole with the truth of God. Mind, body, and soul. When Jesus says to get behind me he is showing that his liar finally has no power over him. This is also an example for us as to how to overcome the liar in our minds. By always choosing the truth of God. The truth that sets you free.

The Beginning of Mastery

Just ask. Such a simple yet profound action. Simple yet challenging in its simplicity. How does one ask? And how does one hear the reply? I never knew how simple it could be my self. I have been a seeker for most of my life, and even before when I was very young even though I didn’t realize I was. I knew God was with me and always have been a very true person. But I have my life lessons and challenges like any other person. Then one day I became very sick.

I knew very well from all of the previous seekings that I was suffering from harmful patterns within my mind. the words written by Don Miguel Ruiz in particular had changed me. His words touched me deeply and altered my perception of everything. So when I became sick I was aware that the sickness was caused by my mind. Or that I had a sickness in my mind that caused the sickness in my body.

But I was still unconscious. I was afraid. Suffering from anxiety and depression as well as irregular heartbeat. Things grew so dire that I went into my room and could no longer face anything in the world. I had this profound feeling and idea that there was nothing to ever be afraid of. Or to suffer from. But that we all face the challenge of controlling our minds that lead us astray. But I was awakening to this truth and finding myself in my physical body with a mind full of harmful patterns of thought and being.

One day I was suffering badly from my condition and I decided to sit down and pray. I closed my eyes and poured all of my fears and pain into my prayer. All of my intention and fealing and strength. I asked for truth or death because I knew I could never give up on life no matter how badly I suffered. But at the same time, I couldn’t live like that anymore. I went in the one direction I had left and that was to God.

Immediately after I made this prayer I felt a sense of peace and the great love that came out from within my heart. In the same moment I felt this sensation I recognized that within this feeling there was intention and meaning. I realized this was a message and this message flowed in through my heart into my mind where I perceived the message. This happened quickly but was a very welcome reply. And the message that I received was “I am with you always”.

Then preceding this there came another message that carried the same loving intention and emotion as the first. And what I was told was that I was speaking to a messenger of God. I felt his presence with me and also the presence of God was more apparent and near. I was comforted and guided as to what was taking place and who he was. I say he because it’s easy for me to write. And also I feel associated with him as a male but only because of my perception.

After I made my prayer and was answered I was still very sick. Daily I was wrestling with very strong patterns of fear within my mind. I knew it was my thoughts that were causing all of my turmoil but I struggled to overcome them. It grew so bad that I could hardly take care of myself. But all the time my Guide and God was with me. I felt their presence and influence. Strong heat and pressure throughout my body. I came to call this process shifting because it would come in waves of difficulty and then release. The release was always very sweet. Then the process would start again.

I was constantly being shown how to navigate my mind. I would get moments of insight about the lies I was struggling with. These moments of insight slowly began to help see what was true and real. The truth was setting me free as my eyes were being opened. This went hand in hand with my physical healing. As my eyes opened my mind healed and in turn my body. But the process was slow. I came to realize that if God healed me all at once it would be painful. That physical reality has to unfold in a progression.

One powerful insight came one day as I was trying to take a shower. I was praying to Guides and God about the struggle I was facing and suddenly I had a vision of being an onlooker observing the process of my mind. I saw myself with an unhealthy thought in my mind and that because I was placing all my belief and faith into that unhealthy thought I was fully invested in it. And by believing in that unhealthy thought I was by my own choice holding my self within the unpleasant emotion I was feeling.

I was being deceived into it.I saw clearly that the unpleasant emotion I was feeling was directly related to the thought I was believing in. That the unpleasant emotion was a warning sign that I was focusing on an unhealthy pattern of thought. And not only into the thought but also because I believed in it I was holding myself within the pain. I was defending the thought as well. Arguing in its favor even though it hurt.

Because even as God and Guides were telling me I was entangled and that I had to release the thought, I could hardly hear or understand them because I was so invested in the lie. Then as quickly, as it came I was back to my old perspective but I had gained a newfound understanding of what I was doing to myself. Not willingly but because I was deceived.The liar has no power of his own. It’s the only power to deceive. It is a very clever liar and has a way of always finding a way to trick us into believing what it says. This is why it’s known as the Prince of Lies. We have always had a choice in what thoughts we want to put our beliefs into.

We don’t have to choose to listen to the liar. The liar only ever tricks us into using our freedom and choice against ourselves and others.But we have practiced these habitual patterns for so long that we hardly even realize we are doing it. And this is the unconsciousness of the liar. It loves to hide within our minds and trick us into identifying with it. So that because we are identified and invested within it we can hardly see that we are. We may say I feel terrible but I don’t know why, or that I can’t stop feeling depressed or afraid. And by doing this habitually for many years of our life we can become physically unbalanced which leads to further difficulty when overcoming these harmful patterns of mind.

The liar isn’t a sentient being. It isn’t a Devil or fallen angel. All it is is habitual patterns of unhealthy thought that get passed down through society as we grow up in this physical world. It is essentially your own intelligence turned against you. God knows we are always doing the best we can with these challenges. For some, they have less harmful patterns in their minds than others but always we become identified with our physical minds and bodies in this way.

And within our minds is the liar. The lives we live dictate the patterns we accumulate. If we grow in harsh conditions with many other unconscious people around us we often take in these same patterns of unconsciousness. But not always. Because this is dependent also upon the soul level experience of the individual. A soul with more experience will be less likely to fall as deeply into unconsciousness within these harmful patterns.This is what we all call intuition. Within us is always the core of the truth of God despite the physical circumstances and state of mind. We all feel this within no matter how distracted to what we really are.

Because the truth is simply what you are, although you may have forgotten. When you awaken you step back into the fullness of your truth and also God’s truth.At the time all I could focus on was that I had very strong patterns of fear in my mind and physical imbalance in my body. I have since come to see more and more clearly. The challenge I then faced was to find a way to not listen to the liar. Because even though I knew I was being deceived and essentially choosing to harm myself by believing the liar in my thoughts, I still couldn’t withstand the lies. And I began trying repeatedly to choose something other than the lie.I soon realize the lie always points to the truth about the lie. That whatever the lie was it always pointed directly to the truth like a mirror. I also soon realized that it didn’t matter what the lie said.

What the lying thought was because it was always unhealthy. Part of the liars trick is to get you thinking and wondering if it’s true. what if this? what if that. I realized I simply had to trust in what I was feeling and say no to the lair. I had to tell the lair to get behind me. To not talk to it. In the same way, Jesus did before me.Because a lie always points to the truth, it can also always reveal to you what is the truth if you allow it. You can use every lie itself to push you in the direction of truth. This is what has happened to many saints and wise men and women throughout history. Many of whom had great afflictions that drove them into the arms of truth.

That broke apart their identity with the physical mind and body and revealed to them the truth within. In this was the unconsciousness always leads to consciousness. the lies always erode themselves. Ultimately all that is out of place always serves to align things back into place. This is the natural balance of the universe. or what has been called yin and yang. What is must always reach an equilibrium? Only being pulled so far one way before being pulled back toward the other. And in the mind of an individual, the greatest affliction caused by lies can be the greatest catalyst for awakening.

Because our actions flow forth from our thoughts, the physical world around us reflects the state of the mind of the individual. It a not just an individual. Because as said before the liar is spread by being in contact with and experiencing the world around us. And If there is a large level of harmful patterns collectively all around you, you must inherently take these lies into your self as you grow.

Because no one around you knows any better. And you don’t know of this in your mind as you grow. But within you, if you are a more advanced soul you will still have the inner wisdom and knowing perception of this affliction all around you. You will feel its Dischord. And we all do according to our soul level progression. Jesus was certainly an advanced soul.When you see all that is so out of place within the world at large you are seeing what is so out of place with the collective minds of mankind. And just like in one individual who has strong unhealthy patterns of mind that can be a catalyst for their awakening, the same is true as a reflection into the world around us. How we will continue to have warning signs until we take notice and make a change.

How everything that is out of place is pushing us ultimately back towards a healthier direction. You begin to see how everything is perfectly in its place.There is hope. because just like in one individual who can awaken to the deepest truth within the entire state of mankind can and will awaken as well. This is in reality taking place now as the pressures of imbalance within our individual and collective minds puts more and more pressure upon us. And it has to be this way.

We have free will and we will never be forced to choose. But we also have to have a way to know when something out of alignment. The indicators of misalignment are sickness and disease. War and disharmony among mankind. We reap what we sow and through our free will have chosen this for ourselves. But it doesn’t have to be this way. We can always choose another path. And by our choices, we must learn.In this way, the wise men of the Bible could see the times we are living in coming. Knowing about the liar in the minds of mankind and understanding the liar always will grow in strength before finally collapsing upon itself. So all the signs around us of misalignment are truly birthing pains as mankind on a whole is beginning to awaken to a new level of awareness. Jesus spoke to us of this when he said.

Mark 13:4-8

5Jesus began by telling them, “See to it that no one deceives you. 6Many will come in My name, claiming, ‘I am He,’ and will deceive many. 7When you hear of wars and rumors of wars, do not be alarmed. These things must happen, but the end is still to come. 8Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be earthquakes in various places, as well as famines. These are the beginning of birth pains.

Jesus was very aware of the liar and the influence it has on mankind and the individual. And also the effects on mankind as a whole. He was aware because he had removed his liar first. And as a result, he could see clearly where everyone else was blinded. So when you have turmoil within you caused by your liar take it as a sign of the misalignment within you. Allow it to drive you into truth. Allow everything that is out of place to show you how to put it back into place. You can begin to see how perfectly balanced and weighted all things are. How everything is perfectly in its place.

But physical reality must unfold. We will always have free will. But no one who has any level of connection to true self would ever choose misaligned actions. Every one of us no matter how distracted has the core of the truth of God within. Knows and can feel the truth and lies. But has forgotten exactly what it is they are experiencing.

All of these things have become more and more clear to me as I have progressed on my path. By asking for the truth it was given to me. I was shown what I am and what I am not. And when you know what you are not you also know what you are. Then you have to do the hard work of cleaning up the lies in your mind. And as a reflection, you are cleaning up the lies for everyone around you as well. because we are all interconnected within. We are all a part of the body of God. For every one of us who takes a stand against their liar we also take a stand for everyone else. Breaking the chain and stopping the nonsense in its tracks.

Use your heart as a compass. Observe your thoughts and find the ability within to release them letting them float by. By doing this you take back your strength from the liar in your mind. You regain happiness and peace and step back into the awareness of the kingdom of heaven that is yours now. It will always be yours. I realized one day while sitting outside and observing my thoughts that God and Guides had been teaching and showing me how to meditate all along. How to oversee from soul level awareness and to let thoughts pass by like clouds. To not hold onto them. To flow in Grace with what is while acting and choosing along with God.

In harmony with God’s true nature and my own. when you let go you automatically fall into your true nature and God’s true nature. By releasing thoughts you fall into balance. This is meditation. To observe as soul level awareness and to allow thoughts to pass by. To be in control of your mind and in turn your body fully conscious and awake as the soul level awareness that you are. And this is the kingdom of heaven that Jesus spoke of when he said that the kingdom of heaven is at hand. This is the mastery that he achieved and then brought to us through his example and words.

It’s through this truth that he is a savior. Not because he was the only son of God. But because we are all sons and daughters of God and we all have what he had and has. he was showing through his example the path to the kingdom of heaven. The example of the path to enlightenment. That of awareness and master of physical mind and body with your greatest truth which is also the truth of God. That we are all equal parts of the body of God. Not one of us is more or less than another including Jesus. We all shine infinitely perfect each in our own perfect way.

Always to inspire and to be inspired to greater depths of truth by each other. That to reach God you ned no mediary. You need no one to speak to God on your behalf. You need only to speak and ask God yourself directly. Because you are a part of God and you will be answered. Jesus is the bread of life in this way. Because he is an example for us to follow. And when we follow his guidance we find the very same truth that he found within himself. He was and is pointing the way. Because he is still with us now. In your heart with all the other Guides in heaven speaking within one unified voice along with God. Your heavenly family. Calling to you of your highest purpose.

Seek and You Will Find. Knock and the door will open. Just ask.

The Hidden Places Of The Mind

Luke 12

Nothing is covered up that will not be revealed, or hidden that will not be known. Therefore whatever you have said in the dark shall be heard in the light, and what you have whispered in private rooms shall be proclaimed on the housetops.

Guard your thoughts closely. Because the things that take place in the hidden places of the mind become your reality. what you habitually focus your attention onto manifests within your body and also attracts things of the same vibration from the world around you. In this way we attract our own life lessons. All that is hidden will become revealed.We attract what we need most for us to grow.

If you habitually focus onto thoughts which are misaligned with your true nature and the true nature of God you will also attract the warning signs of that misalignment. This is so that you can be aware that you are focusing in the incorrect direction. And also when you focus your thoughts and being into patterns of alignment with your true nature and God, you life will reflect these natural and healthy states of being.

Your cup will spill over with blessings. But in reality even the ability to choose misalignment is in itself a blessing. Allowing you to have freewill so that you can experience and learn about your true nature and the true nature of God. Then from this vision comes a loving acceptance of all that comes knowing that everything is perfectly in its place. That the difficulty we face is proportional to the choices we make.The very things we attract to our selves.

It doesn’t have to be as difficult as it sometimes is. But because we are free to choose, we have developed and carried down many unhealthy patterns of unconsciousness. Even within our ability to choose what we are not we are always supported far more than many are aware of. never do we walk alone. And all we ever have to do is to make a choice to go in a healthier direction. To follow our hearts and choose a better feeling direction governed by better feeling thoughts. A direction governed by truth and love. To listen to the guidance within which is infinitely substantial.

Ultimately these harmful patterns of though and being will erode them selves driving the evolution of the consciousness of mankind, as well as our soul level progression. The perfection of Gods plan. We always have a choice. We can choose what is true and healthy. Or what is false and unhealthy. In either case we have a way to tell which is which. This is the classroom of life. So seek truth. Knock and the door will open. Seek and you will find.