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Just ask. Such a simple yet profound action. Simple yet challenging in its simplicity. How does one ask? And how does one hear the reply? I never knew how simple it could be my self. I have been a seeker, even before when I was very young. Just like nearly all of us, I didn’t realize I was. I knew God was with me, and always have been a very true person. But I have my life lessons and challenges like any other person. Then one day I became very sick.

I knew very well from all of the previous seeking that I was suffering from harmful patterns within my mind. I had been on the path of awakening. The words written by Don Miguel Ruiz in particular had changed me. his writing touched me deeply, and altered my perception of everything. Opening my eyes to what really is. So when I became sick I was aware that the sickness was caused by my mind. I knew I had a sickness in my mind that caused the sickness in my body.

But I was still very unaware. I was suffering from anxiety and depression as well as irregular heartbeat, and several other physical issues. Things grew so dire that I went into seclusion, because could no longer face anything in the world. I had this profound feeling and idea that there was nothing to ever be afraid of or to suffer from. But at the same time I struggled to overcome the momentum of my mind. We all face the challenge of controlling our minds that lead us astray. But I was awakening to this truth, and finding myself in my physical body with a mind full of harmful patterns of thought and being.

One day I was suffering badly from my condition and I decided to sit down and pray. I closed my eyes and poured all of my fears and pain into my prayer. All of my intention and feeling and strength. I asked for truth or death because I knew I could never give up on life no matter how badly I suffered. But at the same time, I couldn’t live like that anymore. I went in the one direction I had left and that was to God.

Immediately after I made this prayer I felt a sense of peace, and great love that came out from within my heart. I felt this sensation and then I recognized that within this feeling there was intention and meaning. I realized this was a message, and this message flowed in through my heart into my mind where I perceived the message. This happened quickly, but was a very welcome reply. And the message that I received was “I am with you always”.

Then there came another message carried on the same loving intention and emotion as the first. What I was told was that I was speaking to a messenger of God. I felt his presence with me, and also the presence of God was more apparent and near. I was comforted and guided as to what was taking place and who he was. I say he because it’s easy for me to write. And also I feel associated with him as a male but only because of my perception.

I was still very sick but immediately after my prayer, the support from my messenger and God was much more apparent. Not because they had not been there before, but because I had managed to drop all of my guards and allow myself to move closer to them. The pressure of my sickness drove me into their arms. My messenger felt very familiar to me and we discussed who he was, and our relationship. Everything simply flowed into my heart.

I was reminded that my messenger of God was always with me from even before my life, and always would be. Indeed we have had previous lifetimes of experience together, and we agreed for him to be my guide and messenger for the duration of this lifetime before I was born. He then began helping me to put my body and mind in order. To assist me with controlling and aligning the overwhelming and harmful patterns of fear that I was suffering from. And in the process to heal.

This process was a great challenge for me. I was fighting for my life but was never alone. I had to do my part. But God and guides do theirs. This is the truth for all of us all the time. Not just for me. We always have to do our part. No one can walk the path of our lives for us, but we don’t have to do it alone. In fact, we never do. During this path of healing, I was reminded of many things. And I say reminded because much of it was already within me but I had forgotten. I was awakening to what and who I truly was as I was being healed and guided by God and my Messenger. I later came to realize that there are countless other messengers of God there as well. All moving together as one. During this process, I saw images of all my past lives and became aware of the truth about reincarnation. The progression of lifetimes as we learn and grow in experience in the classroom of life.

I became aware of so many truths that had been clouded by my identification with my physical mind and body. And all of this came about as a result of the sickness in my body. A sort of death and rebirth while still in physical life. Baptism by the spirit of God. I felt the heat and pressure of God and Guides as they began to heal my physical form. The fire of the Holy Spirit. All at the same time working with them in great faith and trust. Always striving ceaselessly to overcome the imbalances within me. As time passed I became sounder in body and mind. And my vision was adjusted from the perspective of mind and body first, to soul awareness then mind and body.

I was taught how to master the patterns in my mind and assisted in doing so. I was shown all the unconscious patterns within my mind as I slowly revealed layer after layer of them like an onion. Until now I have arrived at my core and my mind is nearly aligned with my soul level awareness and truth. As a result of this alignment and awakening, I can now see and perceive things as they truly are. Ether as aligned with or against my inner truth and the truth of God. Because not only did I find I am this soul-level awareness, I am also a part of God’s soul and body. And not only God but all others around me. And all things around me as well.

I have always loved the Bible but now when I read the Bible I see it as a reflection of mankind. A reflection of the perception of the truth of the ones who wrote the Bible. Perceiving as best they could the word of God within themselves according to their ability to receive. And at the core of the Bible are the masterful teachings of Jesus as well as other masters of Truth. But Jesus was a master in such a profound way that even though his words are buried in religion they still shine bright and true. Jesus was and is more than just a master. Jesus speaks to me now revealing to me his true nature as the highest authority in heaven moving as one with God. In the beginning of my sickness I felt only a unified presence of God, which is true. But it was Jesus who move as one with God, who with God answered my prayer, and interceded on my behalf. And it’s God, Jesus, and all the Angels of heaven who have been moving with me all along. All of heaven speaks and moves with one purpose, and truth with God, but within the one truth are many authorities. And Jesus and every master that ever was is still with us now. Speaking into our hearts along with God. For those with eyes to see and ears to hear.

I will be sharing insights into the true intention and meaning of Jesus’s words. I will be shining the light of truth on the misinformation that has found its way into the Bible. I will share insights into other traditions and religions as well. Because at the core of every religion is this great truth. I will share with you ways to master your mind and body through Jesus’s teachings. How to pray and how to seek. I will share with you the true nature of what we call life and death. You could say this website is a baptism of truth straight from my heart to yours. From God through me to you. From my heart where I still walk always with the guidance of Angels and God. This isn’t only Jesus’s truth. It’s Buddha’s truth. It is your truth. Because what is theirs is ours. What is mine is yours? We are inseparably interconnected. All an equally brilliant part of the body of God. Allow my words to point the way. To point the way to the same place I have within me. This place is also within you. Then you will find the experience of the very same truth I am trying to share with you. The universal truth of life and love that’s within you and all things. Seek and you will find. Knock and the door will open. The doorway is within you.

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Zakary Reif

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