The Truth About the Wrath of God

You may read in the Bible in many places such things as God’s wrath. Or you may have heard the words the wrath of God. This is a very misunderstood concept and often leads people to confusion. These words never mean that God is angry and will come down upon us in anger or wrath.

Jesus’s nature is a reflection of God’s nature as he was fully realized as One with God. The nature of the two was one as well, and this true nature of God was reflected within Jesus’s actions and teaching. Jesus’s own teaching dispels the myth that God would ever come upon us in anger and destruction. God is, in fact, compassionate, forgiving, incredibly wise. Incredibly loving in amazing ways.

The true meaning behind God’s wrath is this. We have free will to choose whatever we want. Even in ,non-physical we have free will, and we always will. But even though we have free will, we have to know when we are doing things that are unhealthy and misaligned with our true nature. Just like with our physical bodies, we feel pain if we are damaging ourselves. There are warning systems in place all throughout reality to be our alert system of unhealthy thoughts and actions.

The biggest challenge of physical life is becoming identified with your physical mind and body, and forgetting who and what you really are. This is the collective unconsciousness within the minds of mankind that has been passed down through time. And misidentification in this way leads all into misaligned actions and ras a result, misaligned lives. In reality, we are only misaligned with our own true nature. And as it is also the true nature of God, misalignment with God’s true nature.

When we are doing things that are unhealthy for us, we have to know that we are. In our physical bodies, we experience pain and sickness from misalignment. The vast majority of sickness begins as the result of misaligned identity with the physical mind and body, which includes the inability to navigate our minds in an authentic and freeway. Mis alignment results in diseases and unhealthy lives. Alignment with true awareness leads to healing and balance not only in our bodies and minds but also; as a result, balance in the physical world around us.

So you can see how even pain and sickness are a blessing as the sacred warning signs of misalignment and unhealthy identification with the physical mind and body. This doesn’t stop within the individual but echoes into the physical world through our actions. Actions that are just as misaligned as the identification with the physical mind and body.

In this way, we all affect each other, passing on unhealthy patterns of mind and being again and again until someone finally decides to take a stand within themselves and masters their physical mind and body in the fundamental truth of life within. There true soul level perceiving awareness. And because on the soul level, we are a part of God, we then are aligned with our highest truth and also the highest truth in existence, which is what we call God.

We also have warning signs within the world around us. Because as we participate in unhealthy misaligned actions as a result of false identification with our physical minds and bodies, we also damage our bodies and the physical world around us. We stop living in harmony with the natural world and everyone around us; As a result, there must be warning signs within the world as well.

Great environmental warning signs such as global warming are warning signs of our misaligned actions and misaligned awareness. Famine, pestilence, disease, war, hunger, and so on are also all signs of misalignment. All of these things that are so out of place within the world are a direct result of all the things that are out of place within us. But this is the beauty of God’s plan.

That we are always free to choose but that even though we are free to choose, we will always have a way of knowing when we are choosing the misaligned path. And the warning signs will get stronger and stronger until we pay attention. Or until there is a death and ultimately rebirth. In which case, we learn from the death and come to live again. The same is true within the natural world. Nothing is ever lost.

These warning signs are what is being spoken of as the wrath of God in the Bible. But God isn’t wrathful. God simply teaching us our lessons. Showing us that we are out of alignment. This is actually the love of God taking place. We as the eternal consciousness we are, are stronger than this physical world can hold. The physical world must be incredibly challenging and sharp in order for it to teach us our lessons.

When you begin to wake to your true nature, you begin to see this truth unfolding all around you. There are no longer any judgments. You only see things as they are, or as they are not. As aligned or misaligned and the resulting effect of the choice. As you sow, so shall you reap. So you can see that as unbalance becomes profound, it also begins to be pulled back into balance.

That the unbalance can only swing so far one way before swings another. And in reality, we are causing the imbalance our selves/ We are choosing the inbalance our selves, and we can at any moment choose balance and alignment, which is our true nature.

So the beauty of the warning signs caused by misalignment both within your physical body and the physical world are there to show you something is out of place. You can allow all that is misaligned to show you what is aligned. And this is exactly what God is showing us through the warning signs of misalignment. God is showing us the error of our choices so that we may learn and all we have to do is listen.

Really we don’t have to choose such unbalanced ways, but within our free will, there has to be the capacity for all that may take place. God’s laws of reality must unfold. This is the perfection of God’s plan. And the true love and truth of God. We are never handled wrathfully or cast away. We are always taught, but our lessons are challenging ones due to our eternal nature. We know all of this before we come here to live a physical life.

We choose to come knowing we will be distracted and forget our true nature, and that is apart of the test. We also know good will be with us and all the Angels in heaven. We come eagerly. You have only forgotten what you are. Seek God and heaven within you, and you will find these very same truths. God’s voice is within you, speaking all the time. And all around you. Echoing everywhere. All you have to do is listen. To seek God. Ask you shall be given, seek and you shall find. Just ask.

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