The Sacred Heart

The sacred heart image represents the heart and love of Jesus. Which in turn is a representation of God’s truth and love. The light rays can represent the light and truth of God. The flames can represent the passionate and flaming love of God. And the crown of thorns and cross represents Jesus’s crucifixion. The cross and crown of thorns for me represent the unconsciousness of mankind that we all must all face. The same unconsciousness Jesus came to help us overcome. The same unconsciousness that he died in the face of, showing us the true strength and love of God. That even death can never take away. The true love of God for all of us.

My heart burns with the passion of God s love. I feel such a powerful flame of love and truth within me. Whenever I see these images of the passionate heart of Jesus, I feel a striking recognition. Because it’s my sacred heart that I feel my interconnection with God. That I feel my interconnection with Jesus and of heaven. And not just heaven but everyone around me, and even the physical world. I can look at any object and feel that I am a part of even these things. Because everything around me is made of the same truth of God as me. In reality, everything even the farthest infinite galaxies exist within your heart. One singular infinite point that expands infinitely inwards, and infinitely out words. And the nexus of this expansion is your sacred heart. The doorway between the two worlds, that coexist as one.

Your heart is the center of your being. Within your heart resides all of reality. Because it’s through our hearts that we are interconnected to the kingdom of heaven. The kingdom of heaven is what interconnects all things. Each and everything a being perfect piece of the unified whole.

All of our deep inner wisdom is felt and perceived from our hearts. All of the experience of every lifetime is felt and flows forth from our hearts. And not only is our greatest wisdom within our hearts, but all the wisdom of God and Heaven is there as well.

Our hearts desire to open and to express their true nature which is love. And this true nature of love is not only our true nature, it is the true nature of God. As our hearts open they begin to burn with the divine loving passion of God. And all of us have this heart. All of us have this divine center through which we are all interconnected.

Jesus’s heart is the example of the heart and truth of God. The passionate love of Christ is the passionate love of God. And because we are all reflections of one another, the passionate love of our hearts are also the passionate love of Gods. And the passionate love of Jesus and all the Angels in heaven. All of us are reflections of each other
We start life with open hearts wild and free. But as we grow we become distracted by our bodies. We become distracted by the world. And the world is enticing for a reason. It’s our testing ground. But within us is always the divine heart of God. It can never be extinguished. It can never be taken away. It’s there if you believe it or not. It’s there in life and in death for all eternity. It can only be ignored, covered up, and distracted from. It’s simply what you are.

When you seek the truth of God you will begin to return to your true perception and nature. You will be shown the truth. Slowly your divine heart will be revealed. And when you seek God you will always be answered. You will find Jesus is with you one and the same as God. And Jesus will reveal to you our heavenly father.

Your heart which has been closed by your own distractions with your body and mind will begin to open and expand as it is uncovered and allowed to beat freely. And as your heart opens it will begin to beat more and more in time and sync with the heart of God. Your heart will begin to reflect the heart of God and Jesus. And the loving heart of Angels. You will begin to step into the same loving passion of Christ. Which is also the same loving passion of God,

The flaming passion of God is powerful and desires to heal others. It desires to give the same passion endlessly to others. The living passion of God. But love can never be forced. The truth of God can never be forced. And that is a part of the love of God as well. Eternal patience and compassion. The compassion of Christ, which is also the compassion of God. Just like Jesus who lived as the full truth of God among

humankind, you can only point the way with your words and the example of your life.
Your heart is the place where God speaks into you. Where Angels and Jesus and all of heaven speak. Your heart is the singular point where all things are one. In the kingdom of heaven, everyone speaks with one unified voice in Grace with God.

And as you awaken to your spirit nature you to shall begin to move and speak as one with all of heaven. As your heart opens and begins to beat in sync with the heart of God you will move as perfect rhythm with God and heaven. No longer beating out of sync. And eternal unconditional love will flow.

The experience of every life you ever lived is in your heart. All of your greatest wisdom is in your heart. All of the wisdom imparted by God is spoken and given into your heart. Your heart is your guide and compass. When you pray, pray to God and heaven within your heart.

Your heart is the doorway between the world of the body and the world of the spirit. When you die to the false identity of the body and mind you awaken to the authentic identity of the spirit. You enter the kingdom of heaven that is at hand. And when you do you find Jesus, God and all of heaven are with you.

The more you learn about the truth of God and reality, the sharper your heart becomes. Until all that is false concerning the truth of God and reality stands out in sharp contrast. This is the fear of God. The healthy and blessed emotion that God gives us to discern our true nature, and the true nature of God. The emotional guidance system that we have within our hearts is a great gift. And it goes deeper than the emotions of the body. The soul and body always working together as one unified whole.

Your heart will always lead you to the truth. It will never lead you astray. You must learn to follow your heart. To trust your heart. Because the false master of the earthly world is the physical mind and body. And when you are falsely identified with your earthly mind and body, you are out of touch with your true self. Out of touch with your sacred heart.
You have to learn to trust and follow your heart, and not your mind. But your earthly mind is a great blessing as well, only misused and full of unhealthy patterns. You must learn to lead with the heart, and operate with the mind. When you awaken to your true nature you can begin to master your physical mind. You can use your sacred heart to align your physical mind with your deepest truth. Instead of you as the deepest truth being led by the tiny finite mind.

You will feel unpleasant emotions as a warning sign of unhealthy thoughts. And as you awaken to your true perception as the perceiving spirit awareness, you will begin to see many unhealthy patterns in your physical mind. You will be stepping out of identification with these patterns, and as a result, you will start to see them clearly for the first time. Your sacred heart is your guide to understanding what is the truth of life and God, and what is not. Your open doorway to all the guidance of God and heaven.

Practice observing the emotional reactions of your thoughts. Unhealthy and misaligned thoughts will feel heavy and painful. Let them go. They are no good for you. Practice feeling negative emotions then releasing the thoughts that cause the painful emotion. If you are hurting what you are entertaining in your mind is not good for you. This doesn’t mean you don’t care. It means you care so much that you refuse to harm yourself by needlessly holding yourself in the warning signs of your emotional guidance system.
Imagine holding your hand on hot metal and wondering why it hurts. It hurts because you are holding your hand on hot metal.

Take your hand away from the hot metal and the pain and damaging heat will cease. But you have to first realize you are holding your hand on the hot metal in the first place. Part of the false identification with the mind and body is forgetting that you can choose your thoughts. You are habitually and reactively choosing harmful thoughts all the time. You have been practicing this your whole life having learned them from everyone around you. But you can start practicing the opposite now. You can begin choosing to control your mind from your true soul-level identity.

Practice praying into your heart and feeling heaven’s response. In heaven, everyone speaks together as one voice. You will find not only God speaks into your heart, but also Jesus and Angels. They speak into your heart as a divine knowing that flows into your body. Their voice and presence comes as a steady loving feeling. A steady feeling of peace that never wavers. You can feel their words by using your sacred heart.
We are all interconnected for eternity through the kingdom of heaven that we feel in our hearts. When a loved one passes from earthly life they are not gone. They are still where you are now. Because as you stand your closest loved one is really with you in your heart. Everyone and everything exists as one point within your heart.

In the kingdom of heaven, all things exist within a singular point. Kingdom of heaven mirrors physical reality. So all that you see as separated around you really is not separated at all. Everything really exists within a singular point. And you experience this singular point through your heart. Because of this unified nature of reality that underlies all things, even the most distant star is connected to you now. And also God, Jesus, and all the Angels in heaven are connected to you now. Your loved ones are connected to you now. You can never lose this interconnected nature of all things. Death is only the physical form falling away leaving you only within that singular point. When you die all division falls away and you return to the divine whole. The divine whole is the kingdom of heaven.

So when a loved one leaves their earthly body they haven’t gone anywhere. They are with you just the same as they always have been and always will be. When you leave your earthly body you don’t go anywhere either. You just realize your in that singular and divine whole. There is no far away inconceivable heaven. You are standing in heaven now. And to know what life was like before earthly life all you have to do is awaken to your true perception as the spirit you are. The perceiving awareness you are in the same awareness you have always been and always will be. This is why Jesus told us the kingdom of heaven is at hand.

And there is one eternal now. The now that we experience is the same now the unfolds infinitely within us into heaven. Even in heaven there one now. Both sides are tied together inseparable. The earthly kingdom and the heavenly kingdom all comprising one unified whole. This is why Jesus said to enter the kingdom of heaven you have to die to the flesh and be born to the spirit. The flesh is of the earthly kingdom and the spirit is of the spirit or heavenly kingdom. He was telling us about awakening to the true soul level perception, leaving behind the false identification with the body and mind.

When you do this you realize you in heaven, and always have been. You experience heaven as you always have. You experience heaven even while you’re in the earthly kingdom. This is not a conceptual experience. It is experienced as your perceptions shift back to the soul level where you realize you are observing all that takes place. You begin to operate as a soul with a body. Instead of a body wondering if you have a soul. Your true nature and perception is from deep within. The perceiving awareness that perceives. This is dying to the flesh and awakening to the sprit.

The truth of God brings eternal life. But not by making you eternal from a place of being finite. The truth of God only awakens you to your true eternal nature that you have been all along. The true nature that you have only forgotten. You are not going to ever be lost. At the end of your life, you will simply awaken to your true nature as your false identity with the mind and body falls away. This false identity will fall away when your body dies. When your body dies it falls away leaving you naked as soul-level perception only. You are an infinite part of God and will never be thrown away.

But you don’t have to wait for death for this to happen. You can have it now. And this is the deepest meaning behind being born again. And the deepest meaning behind baptism. Awakening is dying to the false identity of the mind and body and waking up to the true identity of the spirit.

You can begin to awaken by simply asking for the truth. In many cases, the burden of the false identification with the mind and body can push you into the truth. Driven and repulsed by the consequences of unconsciousness that have made your mind and body sick. Trauma can cause an awakening. Near-death can begin awakening. Ultimately it will come in one lifetime or the next. And many people simply settle into a comfortable place within religion. Or simply within themselves throughout their whole lives. Never attempting to dig deeper into the center of the truth. with every experience and choice, you are really heading in this direction.

Because with every choice and experience you have you grow more and more into the fullness of the ruth of God. All roads lead to Rome. When you awaken to this truth deeply you fin god and Jesus are with you. That you have always known them. As you awaken God and Jesus are finally able to come closer to you. And all the while all your doing is returning to your true state. The way you were before you were born. And the way you will be after your death. God only ever wants for us to be what we really are. And to lavish upon us all the blessings of heaven. But we resist stubbornly against what is ours.

We don’t do it willingly but are deceived. And this is the nature of the Prince of lies. It’s not a devil or fallen Angel. It’s just unconscious patterns of mind and being that we become falsely identified with. These patterns have grown powerfully imbalanced within the collective consciousness of mankind. They are ultimately driving the evolution of unconsciousness itself. Because unconsciousness always leads to consciousness. Lies always lead to truth. The test always leads to the educated. It doesn’t have to be so challenging but we choose it for ourselves. We can always choose something better. And there are warning signs everywhere when we are heading in an unhealthy direction. We only have to listen and choose wisely.

Our sacred heart is also the sacred heart of Jesus. And is also the sacred heart of God. Ask God to come into your heart. Ask to see things they truly are. God and Jesus and all of heaven will come and move with you in Grace. In reality, they are there waiting for you. But you hold yourself away. God does not hold away from us. No matter what you choose they are still there. They will never leave you. Even if you refuse them all the way to the end of your earthly life they are there for you. And you will find this truth when you leave your body.

And at the end of your life, they will accept you with love as all of your false self falls away with your body. You will see perfectly clear who you are. And you will see who they are. You will have counsel to go over all the choices of your previous life. Then you will come to live another life based on the choices of your past life. Based on what you need to grow. But you don’t have to wait for death to have this. Open your heart to God heaven and they will have the counsel with you now.

And then you can be free of the false self. They will help you awaken to your deepest truth so you can walk in the kingdom of heaven this yours now. You can be free of fear. You can have their strength to walk with you. You can have all that is waiting for you. That is already yours. And it will come either now, or after your earthly life. But it will surely come. Don’t wait to have it later. This is your true nature. All God is asking is for you to do is to wake up to your true nature. God only desires to give you everything.
But God and Jesus won’t do it all for you. They won’t force you to choose. They will only guide you and call you. You have to choose. And you have to walk your path. Your path is for your own betterment. But you will never walk alone. Even if you refuse them in this life they still walk with you.

Pray into your heart and ask them to come in. Ask God to show you the truth. Ask to see what is real. Reach for God and heaven again, and again and you will be answered. Jesus and God will answer you. Jesus, God, and all of heaven will intercede for you. They can and will do anything for you, but you have to come to them. You have to trust and seek them diligently. You have to overcome your own false self. Your own self-limitations. They will help you do this. When you do they will seek and work for you diligently as well. Working with you until your wide awake as the spiritual awareness you are. You will find yourself standing firmly with them as one. Moving in Grace with them. This is why Jesus said that you can ask for anything in his name and it will be given to you.

All you have to do is ask. Just ask. Seek and you shall find. Knock and the door shall open.

Image by Alexis Joseph on cathopic

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