The Nature of Prayer and Emotional Guidance

When you pray try to recognize the feeling of God’s presence. It’s warm and loving. Full of peace. It is very steady and secure. Never wavering. The calmest center within you. Then as you practice recognizing the presence of God you will realize you have felt this all along. You just didn’t realize what it was. You have really been spoken to and guided all along, through your whole life. You just are so distracted by your mind and body that you don’t realize the soft yet powerful voice of God and heaven within you. This voice isn’t a voice you hear with your ears. The only time you hear this voice is when someone who hears it clearly themselves allows this voice to speak through them.

You have been receiving messages all along. You have just been confusing them with your own thoughts and perceptions. You have forgotten what you are. You have forgotten the way you spoke to God before you came into your physical body. But the same voice of God and heaven is there that was there before you were born. This voice comes from within. It is always there because you are a part of the body of God. Prayer is speaking to God the way you did before you were born. Your still in heaven now with God and Angels. You just have forgotten. The kingdom of heaven is at hand.

As you try to learn how to hear God and heaven’s voice again, you will slowly begin to understand what is being said to you. At first, you may just feel a sense of calm and peace. But persist because you are heard. Allow your self to be very open minded. A large part of what binds you is your disbelief.

This is where faith comes in. Faith is reaching for the truth of God again and again despite the patterns of resistance within your mind. And as you pray repeatedly seeking God, you will be guided again and again. Your patterns of resistance will begin to fall away as you awaken to your true nature. If you do this with conviction and an open-minded nature, allowing the truth to come into you you will find God and all of heaven speaking to you. You will be answered. And then you will be shown again. Every time you are shown you may have resistance come within your mind. Doubts and fears about what is happening. These are just a part of your false self and unconsciousness. You false identification with your mind and all of its thoughts. False identification with your body. But you are waking up. As you pray and seek God you will be reminded again, and again. But you have to have faith.

As you progress you will begin to recognize the voice and messages of God and heaven. To distinguish their presence and messages. Because it won’t just be God speaking to you. It will be messengers of God or Angels. Each of us is being guided by God and Angels all the same time. In heaven, they all move and work together as one movement under God. You will begin to recognize when they are speaking into your heart. You will begin to move as one movement with them.

The messages will simply arise from within you. They come from within and flow into your physical mind and body. You will feel the imprint of their meaning. You will feel the truth of God within them. Their signature feels like love and peace. Us your emotional guidance system to feel the messages. They come as simple knowing awareness first and then flow into your mind where you can think of them. Into your body where you experience them physically. As above so below. This is what it means to be a channel. But in reality, we are all channels to God and heaven. The only difference is that someone we may call a channel or prophet has opened the doorway within them to this communication. They have chosen to overcome their own set of limitations of doubt. Doubt can either entrap you or it can set you free. You can doubt what is true of reality and God and in yourself, or you can doubt what is false and set your self free. And the way you know the difference is by how you feel. Your emotions are part of prayer. Your emotional guidance system is like a compass.

Thoughts aligned with the truth of God and your truth feel free and easy. Happy and light. Thoughts that are misaligned are heavy and a burden. Mis-aligned thoughts pull you out of your calm center, and they cause unpleasant emotions as a result. As a warning sign that you are going in the wrong direction. They pull you out of alignment with God and reality. As you pray and seek the truth of God, all that is not the truth of God will begin to stand out in sharp contrast. Both within you and within others around you. And also within the world around you as you perceive the creations of mankind. The actions of mankind which are a result of aligned and misaligned thoughts. In this way, you use prayer and your heart as tools to guide you on your path of awakening. To find your way home to the truth of God that you are. All prophets of God have simply awoken to their true nature and found God and Angel speaking to them. And you can do this too. This potential is already yours and you have all the support of God and heaven within you.

Because we are all a part of the body of God, we are all interconnected to each other as well. In this way, it is possible for all of us to communicate with each other on a purely non-physical basis. As pure awareness. This has been called psychic phenomena. But it’s just a natural part of what we all are. And prayer is just our psychic connection to God and Angels.

This prayer communication is how everyone in heaven communicates. And we are still in heaven now as we stand in a physical body. The kingdom of heaven is at hand. We are always communicating this way ourselves. We are just so distracted from it that we don’t realize it’s happening. This also how empathy works. We feel each other because we are all interconnected. And if we are very distracted from our true nature from being unconscious, we will have less empathy. Unconsciousness causes all of the terrible misaligned things in the world. Because no one who is even remotely aware would ever harm another.

This is the nature of prayer. It’s within all of us. But so many are chained by disbelief that they hold themselves away from what is already theirs.
Angels and God know we are unconscious. They know we are distracted. They know where we are looking, and where we are not looking. They know we are looking outside of us. At computer screens and books. TVs and video games. They will also try to get our attention through the things we are all fixated on. But they will never force us.

As you begin praying and asking to see the truth, you will begin to notice that Angels and God will show you signs in the world around you. You will see repeating numbers. 111, 222, 333, 444, or any repeating numbers. You will see these again and again. You may see words that mean something specific to you. Of numbers such as your birthday. Every time you may say it’s just a coincidence. But you will see them again. You will be reminded. They are trying to draw your attention to them. To let you know they are there displaying to you their presence.

You may also see words that stand out to you as if they are emphasized. The words will be perfect messages in response to your questions. Again you may doubt, but they will continue to show you these signs. You may also see religious symbols. Infinity signs in objects around you. Advertising that stands out perfectly as a message to your questions. And this to will repeat again and again. Keep seeking them. Keep praying and asking. They are helping you to remember what you are. They are trying to draw you inward to your true nature. To the kingdom of heaven within you. The source of all reality.

As you progress in this way you will grow more and more aware of God and Angel’s presence. Their messages will become clear. They will also guide you to books that contain the truth of God. Books by spiritual teachers. The Bible and other religious texts that contain the message of God within them. They are trying to educate you. To wake you up to who and what you are. And when you awaken you will find the greatest source of wisdom within you. The source from which all spiritual teachers draw their wisdom. The kingdom of heaven and God within.

This may feel like a calling from within you. A great desire to know and understand reality. Heed this call. Ask and it shall be given. Seek and you shall find. This way of communicating through prayer is how you have always spoken to God. And how you will always speak to God. It can never be taken away. It’s always there you just have forgotten.

Sometimes you may catch glimpses of this. You may suddenly think of someone you love and then they will call on the phone. You may need something and suddenly it arrives. You may be provided with the information you need in a sudden flash of insight. Things are always working out and these things are not coincidences. They are synchronicities. The work of God and angel in your life. These synchronicities have even been called luck. But there is no luck. It’s the hand of God and Angels. And the more you draw near to them the more they can work with and through you. The more you align and follow their guidance the more they can help. The more everything you truly need flows to you. And the more you view on what you need changes as well. because your desire will shift to an authentic desire for true riches. Alignment and the truth of God. To be aligned and move and work with God in Grace. Your cup will run over. You will be in the world but not of it. Not entrapped by the world but able to enjoy it authentically.

God and Angels desire greatly to help you. To do everything within their power to assist you in your life’s path. But they will never walk your path for you. You must walk your path and that includes the bitter and the sweet. But when you know the truth about God and reality, even the bitter becomes sweet. Because you see how everything is there for your own betterment. Not that so many misaligned things have to be, but because we are free to choose we choose these struggles for ourselves. And with every choice we are learning. The capacity for all that may occur has to be present. And we can at any time choose a better path. A path aligned with our true nature and the true nature of God. Everything is perfectly in its place and unfolding according to the perfection of God’s plan.

Photo by Chris Liverani on Unsplash

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