The Clouded Lens and Universal Truth


Religion is a social-cultural system of designated behaviors and practices, morals, worldviews, texts, sanctified places, prophecies, ethics, or organizations that relate humanity to supernatural, transcendental, and spiritual elements.

At the fundamental level, all religions are derived from the same universal truth of life. Religion is usually a way a group of people come to represent their perception of this one universal truth. Often religion grows around one individual who awakens deeply to the universal truth within them. There fundamental nature. And the fundamental nature of all things as result. The nature of perception is that we all perceive the same, yet uniquely. Because each of us are unique, while the fundamental truth is the same. We are made of the fundamental truth itself, but we are uniquely ourselves at the same time. All things being a unique expression of the universal truth and essence we call God. When we come to live an earthly life, we take on the earthly life has to offer.

But we never leave what we are fundamentally to come. We only step into our earthly form as a human for a little while. The nature of being an earthly human is perceiving through the lens of the body and mind. Perceiving and experiencing all earthly things through this lens. The lens can be very clear, or it can be very cloudy. And also the nature the body and mind is very enticing and distracting. Very strong and compelling. Earthly life has to be strong and cunningly made to test the strength of our eternal nature. Physical reality is testing ground or school. It’s through this filter of physical life that we are tested, and that we grow.

As we live through cycles of earthly lives we as the perceiving awareness grow deeper and more vast. We rise along grading system, higher and higher towards deeper understanding of God. Ultimately learning the truth about reality. And for this reason what may be easy and obvious for one, may be challenging and unintelligible for another. But the strength of the test is proportional to the needs of the student. So that a newcomers challenge is proportionally as challenging as the test for an experienced soul. And in this way no ones test is ever more than another. Everyone is always tested according to there ability to receive. According to there much needed understanding. So this clarifies feelings of unfairness about other peoples paths. Comparing the perceived challenge of your life compared to another.

Because everyone is perfectly upon there path. This on truth eases much suffering from miss information about fairness of life. everything is perfectly in its place. And there is more than meets the eye. When Jesus as the full truth of God came among us, he carried a hug test upon his shoulders because of the nature of who he was. This is how he carried and resolved the burden for others around him. He past his test perfectly like no man before. Providing for us an example to live and spire toward. And at the same time making all of our tests easier. because the tests we face are always collective. This is because we are all a part of the same fundamental whole. And because we are we share collectively within everything that takes place in physical reality. This includes the collective knowledge and consciousness within the minds of mankind.

We all take upon us a body when we come to live an earthly life. The body can be thought of as a lens through which we perceive and experience earthly life. When we are born we are clear and blank lenses with no knowledge to cloud what we observe through the lens. We still perceive as our awareness the same as before we were born. But slowly we take on all of the knowledge of mankind from around us. All of the knowledge we gain tents the lens that we are perceiving through. The knowledge colors and distorts our perception of what experience and observed . And in with all the knowledge comes lots of things which are not true. Things which further distorts what we are perceiving. These untrue things comprise the cloudiness that gets in the way of seeing things as they truly are.

But our lenses can be cleared of the fogginess. leaving behind only the healthy knowledge that reflects the truth of reality. In this way we return to the clear perception we had as a child, but with all the knowledge we obtained through life. And this is a mirror of healing for the entire collective knowledge of mankind. For every person who clears there lens of the deceiving fogginess they also help all others to do the same. The same as Jesus did before us, but on a scale to match our own proportion and place within the body of God. We each are doing our part. The first step to clearing the lens is realizing it’s clouded. And realizing we are not the lens itself, but that which peers through the lens. We are not the knowledge within nth lens. We are the pure awareness which perceives.

There are always two major factors of earthly life. The pure soul awareness, and the earthly body or lens. We know the nature of the lens, but this is the smallest part of us. But the alluring and distracting nature of earthly life almost always causes us to forget our true nature as the soul awareness, and to make us think we are only the earthly body and the lens. And this is a large portion of the test of earthly life. But there is always an innate level of understanding within us which we call intuition. And even when we have forgotten what we are as the soul level awareness, we still experience this innate wisdom. This wisdom is not thought as we experience in our minds. But a deep internal knowing. An internal know that then flows from within into our minds and bodies. That tempers the lens and all of its knowledge.

God and heaven speak into us through this inner soul awareness and intuition. The purpose of earthly life on one level is the development and growth of our heavenly experience. We call this heavenly experience inner wisdom or intuition. The more we experience earthly life the more deep wisdom we have. And the more we intuitively feel the truth of life. Every experience we have leaves an eternal imprint of experience on our soul level awareness. This is only one way to grow spiritually. The path of testing through physical reality. And the more deep wisdom we have gained the less likely we are to be deceived by the cloudiness in the lens. And in part the cloudiness in other peoples lenses. The less likely we are to be distracted by earthly life. The more likely we are to be able to perceive the true nature of the lens itself.

The more likely we are able to perceive the true nature of physical reality. Because wisdom is the accumulation and eternal imprint of all the truth about earthly and heavenly reality we have ever gained. Earthly life is all about the tug of war between the two. Inner wisdom and distraction of physical reality. And the choices we make within free will. Our strength of inner wisdom is always there within us. And it call to us from beneath our distraction with earthly life. And those with a strong abundance of inner wisdom will feel a strong calling within them. this calling is there authentic self which tempers the draw of earthly life. Younger souls will l have less inner wisdom, and will often be more reckless within earthly life. And there are experienced souls as well.

There are around us souls who have much inner wisdom. Souls who have lived many lifetimes of experience. Souls who have a large store of inner wisdom. But even these souls will be tested according to there abilities. This is to facilitate their continual growth. Ultimately a soul will live many lifetimes until in one lifetime they finally awaken powerfully to all to all the inner wisdom they ever accumulated. When the fullness of all their earthly education has come to fruition. And when this happens its like a graduation. Because they have satisfied the need for the test of earthly life. They then will go about clearing their lenses from the perspective of the perceiving awareness. Because when they awaken they suddenly realize they are not the lens. And they are not the knowledge. They realize fully what is the true nature and what is the false nature. They instantly step back within their earthly form and observe the lens as the perceiving awareness. Instead of as being entangle in a false identity with the lens itself. And they will find their lens is full of misinformation.

They will look around them in peace observing the perfection of Gods plan even as they go about the challenge of clearing their lens. How everything even the distraction and challenges of earthly life as being perfect and beautiful. All from the understanding they gained through the polishing of many lifetimes. They will also see that many creations of mankind are full of misinformation as result of the misinformation within the minds of mankind. Not all creations, but many that are influenced by the cloudiness in the creators mind. And from there true perception they will go about clearing their own lens. This task is far reaching and effects all others, and even the all of reality. Because we and all things are interconnected as one inclusive whole, what one does effects all others. And an act done in alignment with the truth of God and reality has a powerful ripple effect on al l things.

This act mirrors what Jesus did before us. except Jesus according to his magnitude and authority as the fullness of Gods truth caused a very powerful effect among all of creation. This is how Jesus is sour savior. The ripples of his life and actions are still unfolding and reverberating through reality. Helping all of us to awaken to our truth in his example. This is how he prepared a way and a path for us and the significance of Jesus among us. Jesus has always been with us performing this task from the highest place of heaven beside and with God. But he came among us an earthly man to help us to break free, and to show us powerfully who he is. An that he is with us and always will be with us. These aspects of life are the fundamental and universal truth of God. The instructions and life example Jesus left for us to follow are the path to awakening. Jesus is with you now. Speaking into your heart and all you have to do is open your self to him. To say yes and ask for truth. There have been many before us who have awakened, but there is only one Jesus. There have been many who have awakened powerfully to the truth about their earthly forms and lens. And when we choose to seek God and truth Jesus and God and all of heaven move with us i our task. They are just waiting for us to accept and to take up our ultimate purpose. But they wont ever force us to choose.

The most powerful thing we can do is to choose to cleanse our lenses. When we do everything else become apparent. And our communication with God and heaven is realized. But even with a perfectly clear lens we still perceive based upon our own unique perception. Although our perception is unique, that which we perceive is the same. The truth that we observe is universal and the same. But when we explain the truth it’s from the only perception we have. Our own. And that’s why there are so many views about the one universal truth of God. And that’s why there is truth in all corner of the knowledge of mankind, as well as misinformation.

When someone awakens and clears there lens they align powerfully with the true flow of reality. And when this takes place it stands out in contrast against all that is still clouded in the lenses of others. Or the lens of others may keep them from even trying to understand at all. But the power of cleansing the lens is so profound that even for those who deny it the earthly effects can not be ignored.

Then as the one who cleansed their lens goes about life helping others to cleanse their lenses, they grow into a legend. Or maybe are raise up as a deity. But all those with cloudy lenses don’t realize that the one who cleansed their lens is exactly like them. No more and no less. That they only finally managed to cleanse their lens through many lifetimes of experience. Despite this, all those with cloud lenses raise them up on a pedestal. When the greatest thing to do is to follow their example. Knowing that all they have done is within reach and capability.

The process of achieving a fully cleansed lens used to be more uncommon. But now things are gaining momentum. This is due to the pressure of the cloudiness within all our lenses. Because the nature of the cloudiness is that as the lens becomes cloudy, it ultimately drives us to clear the cloudiness. And the cloudiness accumulates until something is done about it. So the pressure of the cloudiness leads to its own demise. Ultimately it pops. And it also leads to a greater understanding of the state of clarity within the lens. Because when you really know and experience the nature of cloudiness, you also really know the nature of clarity.

God knows that we ae forgetful as earthly humans. And God wants us to share knowledge. This is why God gave u the knowledge to record a representation of our knowledge using writing and languages. God want us to preserve the representation of the universal truth to share among us. But only to serve as a sign post or map to the universal truth within. Along with obtaining a clear lens and open doorway to God truth comes a desire to share what we have found. And so a master of truth may write down a representation of the pure truth the master perceives. Knowing that ultimately the representation of the truth will helps others to graduate to the pure truth as well.

In some cases the master may write and record. In others the ones who knew the master records. In either case after the master’s death, the story and teaching of that master gets preserved. Either through writing or word of mouth. But the ones who pass down the story and teaching themselves have cloudy lenses. The ones writing down the teaching themselves have cloudy lenses. So through time and often by no intentions of harm, the cloudiness seeps over into the passing of words. And the cloudiness seeps over into the writing of the account and teachings of the master.

Then also sometimes an earthly soul comes along who has a very clouded lens. A lens that is full of deceit and lust for earthly power. And this earthly soul takes the profound teaching of that master and twists them to his clouded purposes. In this way, the original intention of the master that was written or passed down becomes a clouded lens as well. But the original teaching is in itself a reflection of the clear lens, so it can be thought of as a mirror of a clear lens. But anything written down or taught through word of mouth is ever only a mirror of a true lens. A reflection. A lens through which to gaze at reality and perceive the earthly and spiritual truth as a combined whole.

This is the nature of religion. All religions are lenses through which we can look at reality and observe the fundamental nature of reality. But because anything written down or passed along is only a mirror of a real lens, it can never be the real lens itself. Only a representation. And just the same as the lenses within us all, the mirror of the lens within us is not that which is observed through the lens itself.

That which is observed is the fundamental truth of life and God. And we all observe the one fundamental truth through our own lenses uniquely. We are all looking through our own lenses clouded by distracting and misleading information. So we may not even be able to understand what we are seeing properly. But we are trying and God knows. This is the challenge of Religion itself and earthly life. But also the perfection. And this is why we have so many religions. Underneath them all is the same truth. They are all a part of the same whole.

Each of us has more or less cloudiness in our lenses. Each of us has more or less deep wisdom to guide our perceiving awareness as we look through our own lenses. The nature of any lens is for us to observe. To experience and to come to know and understand that which is observed and experienced through the lens. We are the perceiving awareness that peers through the lens with all its cloudiness or lack thereof.

In heaven within us, there are no lenses to observe through. As pure awareness you are devoid of a lens. You see only according to your inner wisdom of experience. In heaven, you are all the inner wisdom you have ever gained instantly with no lens in the way at all. But the minute you come to earthly life you put on your lens. And as you grow your lens becomes cloudy according to your life’s path. And according to your inner wisdom of experience.

In heaven, there is one among us who is paramount. But just because he is paramount he is not above us or below us. Because in heaven all are perfectly equal parts the same whole. Every aspect comprising the inner working and perfection of the whole itself. When we clear our lenses in earthly life we take on this same equality. We throw out all the false information about separation and competition. We adopt unity and cooperation. Non division. We see clearly again that we are a part of this perfect whole.

This one among us who is paramount and has the highest authority and responsibility with God is who we have called Jesus. And there was a time in the relatively recent past when God and Jesus decide to come among us as an earthly man. Jesus who is the authority of God and with God came and put upon himself a lense. And when he did this he carried the weight of his lens and all the cloudiness with perfect grace. Being able to see and clear his lens like no one who ever came into earthly life before.

Jesus’s ability to cleanse his lens was so powerful that he didn’t just clear his lens. He affected everyone else lenses as well. And because of his authority, he was able to perform what we call miracles. He vastly reduced and broke up the source of the cloudiness for all of us. Helping all others to more easily have the ability to cleans their lenses as well. And he knew that even though he would bring the clarity of vision to the earthly world, the cloudiness in everyone else’s lenses would seek his destruction. Because the cloudiness doesn’t want to dissolve. It’s very habitual and sticky in nature and has a pattern of self-preservation.

Jesus could never force us to choose the clear vision of truth, he could only show us and let us choose. Because we have free will. And in that free will in the perfection of God’s plan. Out ability to learn. For this reason, he knew he would be killed by the people whose lenses were badly clouded. But in the process, he would be helping everyone to become free by being the perfect example of Gods truth. And also he knew everyone had cloudy lenses didn’t know how cloudy they were. He forgave and loved those who harmed him knowing they couldn’t see.

The cloudiness always seeks to cover up what is real. To deny us from seeing clearly through our lenses. It wants to blind us to strength and truth that would help us to clear our lenses. Because the cloudiness is only misguided information. Habitual misaligned and sticky patterns of thought and being. Misplaced energy. And because it has a momentum it seeks to maintain that momentum. Acting very much like a really bad habit. Or a heavy groove in a path that a wheel always falls into. It seeks to cover anything that breaks that momentum. Not that it’s sentient. It’s only the strength of our minds when they are misguided and programmed with the cloudiness. You are really facing the strength of your own mind.

This is the nature of perception, and the malady we all face. This is the nature of religion. The cloudiness gets passed from generation to generation within our knowledge. And all knowledge tints that which we see through our lenses. Buddha was a soul who lived enough lifetimes to finally clear his lenses and help others to do the same. Religion grew around him. The religion being the reflection of the clear perception of what is as seen through the cleared lens within Buddha. The religion being a reflection of that truth.

Religion is a little lens in itself with which to view reality. And also imparted within the religion is the perception of reality as viewed through the lenses of those who wrote it all down and passed the story along. The same story can be found in all religions. In Taoism, Buddhism, Hindu, Islam, and on and on. The names may change and the imagery but the truth is the same. Jesus, God, and heaven may be called something else by various religions but they are the same forces. The one truth underneath that is observed and reached for is the same. But the perception of the truth is different according to the ability to receive and perceive. According to the society the master grew up in. According to the time the master lived, According to the clarity of the lens and deep inner wisdom of the one who gained mastery.

Or according to the ones who tried to preserve the master’s story and teachings. The driving factor is our freewill and choice. Our faith in what we choose to believe. Because as we believe so to shall it be done. This is why Jesus said the faith of a mustard seed can move mountains. Your faith in the clouded misinformation about God and reality can chain and bind you. But also your faith and belief in the truth of God and realty can set you free. And the truth always sets you free. The truth is how you clear you lens. By seeking and asking for the truth of God and reality. And even if you just act on your God given curiosity you are asking and you are receiving. We are curious for a reason. Its Ok to ask God anything. You will find books, teachers, and writing. And ultimately you will find your self heading in one direction. Inward to the source of truth. God and heaven within you. Seek first the kingdom of heaven and all else shall become clear. All else shall be added to you.

Within all of these places, there is the truth of God. But also the cloudiness, which is the lies about God and reality. And the account of Christianity is the account of Jesus who came among us as the highest authority under God. This is what sets Christianity apart from other religions. But this in no way makes Christianity better or more than any other. Because just like in heaven here in earthly life no singular thing is ever better or more than another. Every aspect even the cloudiness itself is a part of the perfection of reality.

Even within Christianity, the cloudiness has seeped in. Christianity has been used for purposes that are not aligned with the truth of God. The same as other religions. But that doesn’t mean the lens is useless. It just means you must clear your own lens so you see the cloudiness within the smaller lens of that religion. And this cloudiness can be found everywhere within any works of mankind. Because anything we make will be clouded by our lens that we perceive through. Religion is always the handiwork of an earthly man or woman.

The deepest religion and truth is written by the hand of God and is within us and all things. And we must seek within us for this truth. This is the purpose of religion as it should be. A signpost that points to the truth within. A key that unlocks the kingdom of heaven, but no more. And once you find heaven and cleanse your lenses, then you see the cloudiness everywhere. On your path of discovery and awakening study all religions. Look within them and let them guide you to the universal truth of God. Then you will see the universal truth of God everywhere. And also the cloudiness that blocks the truth of God.

But we should not do away with religion until there is much more clarity among the collective knowledge and minds of mankind. Religion is an important tool to help mankind achieve balance and alignment with the universal truth of God. And the record of Jesus in Christianity is very important. The truth about God and Jesus is of great importance to mankind. Because Jesus is the highest authority with God. And his message and instructions are a powerful away to cleanse your lens. A powerful sign post. Even if you follow another religions Jesus is still there. You may call him something different, he is still the highest authority who moves and acts along with God on your behalf.

All of the masters of truth that ever were also move and act along with you. Because in heaven all move and act as one purpose in Grace. And speak with one voice. They are more concerned about you coming to God than anything else. Coming to the truth. And this is the truth about religion. All religions are a part of the same whole. We need unity of mankind and religions not division. We need to coexist as one. To see we are all a part of the same whole, and all walking towards the same destination. If you ask God and Jesus they will simply tell you the truth. Even my writing is a signpost pointing the way. Showing you where to look. How to find the kingdom of heaven within you. And when you find it you will receive the truth from God. And the truth will set you free. Free from all of your cloudiness.

You will see clearly again just like you did as a child. Like you did before you were born. Like you will even after what we call death. because we are eternal and heaven is now. The kingdom of heaven is at hand. Because even though your earthly form falls away along with its lens, you as the one who looked through the lens just keep right on going. Just like all the masters before you, you will gain mastery of yourself. Mastery means clearing your lens. And you never do this alone. Even if you don’t ask for help, just you trying is asking and God and heaven move with you. And you will discover they are their.

So why not just ask? And this is the message God brought to us when Jesus came among us as the highest authority under God. This record survives within Christianity and is very important. But so is the record of truth within all religions. Because all of these are speaking the same truth. All religion is meant to be a reflection of the truth of God within. No matter what religion you follow God accepts you and loves you. And its the power of your belief and faith that are your true strength.

God wants you to have a close personal relationship with him. Your most authentic relationship. The same as you were before you were born. Really this is true now you have just forgotten. Your lenses are only clouded for a little while. But you can ask for the truth that clears your lens now. You can have the truth and clarity of your authentic nature. You can awaken to the heaven that is yours now. To seek first the kingdom of heaven, and all else shall be added to you.

Because when you seek truth and clear your lens, everything else becomes clear. And all you have to do is ask. And keep asking. Seek and keep seeking. You will be guided and supported every step of the way. This is ultimately what you’re doing right now. On the path of your life. Every choice and experience is adding to your inner wisdom. And everything is perfectly in its place.

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Photo by Fabrizio Conti on Unsplash

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