Birth Gender Miscarriage Abortion and Reincarnation

There is significant controversy over abortion. And also great suffering when a family experiences a miscarriage. The suffering comes from misunderstanding about the cycle of life and death. And also from misidentification with the physical body. In order to understand the truth about these things, you have to understand the truth about God and reality. The truth that sets you free. That in reality, we all live lifetime after lifetime participating in different roles in physical reality. This is to facilitate our eternal growth. When you realize how the cycle of life really works, subjects such as these become more clear.

God holds reality strictly in place within defined laws. And reality must unfold according to these laws. If a seed is sown, and the conditions are right, then the mother must become pregnant. When a mother is expecting a child, the soul of that child is a soul who is wanting to come to her. A soul who is perfect for here and the soul. That soul will come again, and again every time the mother loses a baby. The soul will simply wait for the next chance. Until the time comes when the soul is born clothed in a physical body, a physical baby.

The physical form of the baby is important, but the soul of the baby is of the most emphasis. You must realize that the soul is the eternal part of the baby and will never be lost. So when a mother becomes pregnant, if she has a miscarriage, then the soul of the baby she was expecting only waits for the next opportunity to come again. And if the mother, for whatever reason, never becomes pregnant again, the soul of the baby will often wait. The soul will wait for the mother’s physical life to complete so that they can meet in nonphysical. All the while being aware of the mother while she lives her physical life.

The same is true for abortion. This is a challenging subject because it leads to the subject of forced pregnancy and rape. Both of which acts are caused by great unconsciousness within the individual who caused such harm. It also leads to the subject of ending a life. But always, the truth stands that the soul that comes to the mother is always a soul who is desiring to be born to her. If the mother who was harmed had more awareness and knew the truth about reality, she would realize that the physical form of the baby was of much less importance than the soul of the baby. And the same can be true of her view upon the one who caused her harm.

Because with awareness comes the truth that whoever may harm you is badly unconscious. Someone who is this badly unconscious and misaligned with the truth of God doesn’t know any better. But despite this, they must learn from their mistake. If they don’t repent and learn from their mistakes in their physical life, it will come after their physical life. And at the end of the physical life. They will have to stand before God bare as their soul level awareness and come to terms with the very clear realization of every unconscious act they ever performed.

This isn’t a test to be taken lightly. But we will never be thrown into hell. We will never cast away. We will have to come to understand from our choices and to grow from them. We will then in our naked truth before God choose to come and live again. To live a life according to the previous choices. According to the mistakes made in the previous life. To atone for their mistakes. To learn and grow from them. These lessons aren’t to be taken lightly. But this leads to the teachings of Jesus, who said,” Love your enemies”. Because there are no enemies, only misguided souls.” And when he was being crucified said. “Forgive them for they know not what they do .” And if you have a deeper awareness, then even someone who takes your very life will be loved and forgiven. You will have nothing but compassion, love, and forgiveness when you realize the true nature of reality.

Just the same as Jesus loved and forgave the ones who were killing him. Jesus is the example for us to live by and to obtain to. This awareness is what we all obtain when we pass from physical life. At the end of life, we always instantly see things as they truly are, and we instantly love and forgive all injustices done to us. This is true even if we lost our physical life to being harmed by a very unconscious individual. We don’t have to wait for death to have this awareness. We can seek God and Jesus and all the angels in heaven and ask for the truth. We can ask for what is real. This is the true meaning of repentance. Realizing your errors and correcting your course before God. But if it doesn’t come while in your physical life, it will come after. And this is the true nature of God that reflects the messages and life of Jesus. Jesus was the personification of God in a physical body when he lived among us as a man. Jesus is the highest authority under God in the kingdom of heaven within you.

When you ask to see things as they truly are, you will be given the truth. You will be given the truth that sets you free. And when you gain this awareness within physical life, you have awoken fully to your true nature the same as if you had died. But you haven’t died. You have only awoken. You have awoken and had your final judgment before actually dying. This is the true meaning of final judgment. And also the true meaning of being born again in Christ. Not that you will live one life, be judged, and then cast into hell to burn forever. But that you will live one life, you will have the final judgment or counsel, and you will be corrected and set in order.

And this truly reflects what Jesus taught us about the truth of God. Jesus was always compassionate and forgiving. Never angry and never wrathful. He was imploring us to repent now instead of to wait for death. So that we could live in the freedoms and blessing of the truth of reality. And not have to face God and the final counsel with a burden full to the brim. he was imploring us to seek the truth of God and live upright lives aligned with our true nature and the true nature of God.

Can you imagine a God who would love you and take care of you all through your life, just to toss you into the torture of hell for eternity afterward? This is complete nonsense and is not the truth of God and life. Jesus, God, and all of heaven will intercede for you in physical life if you call on them. But the same stands for you after physical life as well. Just because you have transitioned out of your physical form doesn’t mean the same love and truth of God doesn’t apply. The idea that God, Jesus, and all of heaven would suddenly change their minds just because you transitioned is false. A part of the lies within the minds of mankind.

The Prince of Lies. These lies have also found their way into the Bible. If you don’t come to your repentance and final judgment in your physical life, it will come after your physical life when your physical form falls away leaving you bare before God and Heaven. But you will always be loved and healed. You will be shown the way. And devoid of your physical form and mind where the Prince of Lies lives, you will instantly see the truth of God and reality. You will never ever be cast away or left to burn in torture in the nonexistent hell. When you seek the final judgment in physical life you will die to the old false self, and be reborn as the new. God will set you in order, but you have to choose to come to God.

You have to do your part. No one can live your life for you. You will never be forced. All of heaven is at your disposal right now. All of Heaven is there to support you in the process of awakening, but you have to say yes. You will never be forced. And you will have to work hard to overcome the unconscious patterns you have accumulated living unconsciously. To remove your Prince of Lies. God, Jesus, and all the angels move as one movement, and they are with you. You feel them in your heart.

They move as one purpose and Grace under God. And when you ask for truth and awaken to your true awareness you will come to move in Grace with God as well. This is the deepest meaning of baptism. When we repent for sins or errors and step into our true nature we are just beginning to leave our old false self behind. Baptism is a ceremony that mirrors the life and death cycle. Baptism mirrors the final judgment counsel at the end of one life, and before the next. But it takes place within a physical life instead of at the completion of one physical life.

And it takes you to initiate this rebirth by the strength or your choice and free will. Use your choice in the direction of truth instead of lies. Towards alignment instead of misalignment. This is the same truth Jesus personified as he walked in physical reality. This is why he said, “Forgive those who trespass against you.” Jesus knew the truth about free will and our eternal nature. He knew about reincarnation, although this is a greatly misunderstood aspect of the Bible. And as Jesus mirrors the truth of God, God also forgives those who trespass against him.

Never throwing us away. So for the mother that may have been harmed, she could make a choice aligned with the truth of God. To stand firm in the truth of God and break the chain of unconsciousness with her. To pray for love and forgive the one who caused her harm. In the process, she would not become more unconscious herself, and she would not make errors herself. She would be able to stand before God and say she made a choice aligned with the truth concerning the baby, despite the weight of the difficulty.

And then to see that the child is a soul who is perfect for her. That the physical form is the least pressing matter. That she can have the child and give thanks for it. But these are challenging lessons for any who has ever been so roughly mistreated. And my words are taken with the greatest seriousness. My understanding of the situation is never taken lightly. That God knows our struggles, and that no matter what you choose to do, your choices are always between you and God. You are free to choose. But Jesus is the example before us. That he forgave and loved even as he was tortured and crucified on the cross. The truth always stands that when it’s time for a soul to enter physical life again, that soul will always be paired up with the parents who will best serve that soul’s further development.

And at the same time, the mother will be someone who will gain the most development out of having that soul as a child. In both cases, there is soul level experience gained, Eternal soul level binding of experience. Often souls will live many lifetimes with the same souls as parents, children, friends, and relatives, only changing roles and genders from lifetime to lifetime. It’s important to realize that physical reality must unfold. That God holds the laws of physical reality strictly in place.

And if the seed is sown, and the if conditions are right, a mother must become pregnant. Whether it was intentional or not. And, of course, the father plays a role in things as well. A soul who chooses to come always chooses based on the factors involved. Whether coming into a stable family or the life of a single mother. All the things are known, and strong bonds are formed with fathers as well. The same is true for children who are orphans and are adopted. The physical form of the child is of less importance in this regard than the soul of that child. And we are all family on the soul level; the adopted child is just as much your child as a child born to you.

You may wonder what is the case with deformities of the mind and body. If the seed is sown, then reality must unfold. Due to physical, environmental, and mental factors that are also unfolding, there can sometimes be errors within the developing physical form. There are many conditions caused by physical factors that are in themselves a result of misaligned actions. Pollution is caused by misaligned actions of humanity falsely identified with their true nature. Diet plays a huge role, and the majority of humans eat very poorly. Genetically modified foods and pesticides. Nutritionally baron food from harmful farming practices for generations.

These factors play a larger role than many assume, and are out of alignment with the truth of God. The mental state of the mother affects the baby. The level of her unconsciousness and stress. Th physicals\ factors of the life in which she lives. In some cases, very unhealthy actions taken on the part of the mother affects the growing form of the child. And also we are evolving creatures, and we experience the effects of genetics. We as animals have perpetuated many forms of unhealthy genetics throughout history. But this is just a part of the unfolding of physical reality and the choices we have made.

Reality must unfold. So for many, they find that this becomes their path. To live life with these physical deformations. But this doesn’t make them any less perfect than anyone else. And it doesn’t make them any less loved by God or essential. They are still a perfect part of the Body of God. It’s just that this becomes their perfect path of growth. There is also great controversy over gender. And this is all due to the same misidentification with the physical mind and body. And also misinformation within the Bible and culture. To understand gender, you first have to remember that we are not our minds and bodies.

We are pure soul level awareness within our physical forms. And as this pure soul-level awareness, we have no gender. As the perceiving soul that you are, you are neither male nor female. You take on these aspects when you choose to come and live another physical life. Taking on the aspect of either a male or a female serves the role of providing your soul level education and experience. Everyone one of us has lived or will live physical life within the roles of either a male or female physical forms and all that goes along with it. Sometimes when we choose to come into physic a life, we may still carry a strong affinity for a past life gender role that we played.

And because we may still have a strong imprint of the previous gender role, we may find it challenging to adjust to our new physical form as the opposite gender of the one we previously left. This can be very challenging for the soul, and for some, they choose to stand with their previous identification. For some, they may still feel their sense of being neither gender, or both genders at once. Also, sometimes with physical life, there may be physical factors that cause gender issues within our physical forms. Physical issues related to genetics and environmental factors the same as spoken of before. Or maybe even social influences or trauma. All of which is a part of the perfection of free will as physical reality must unfold.

But the truth stands that if it takes place, it’s within the intelligence and purpose of God’s eternal plan. And the capacity must be there for these things to take place. Otherwise, we and physical reality itself would not be free and dynamic. We and physical reality would cease to function as it does. There is a great lie in the Bible that we should persecute anyone who struggles with their gender. God will never throw anyone of us away. God will always stand by us in every choice we make, and ultimately, every choice we make leads to the fulfillment of our greatest purpose.

This is the school of life. It is not our place to judge. So treat people who struggle with their gender roles as you treat yourself. Stepping into the judgment of another is only stepping into error yourself. Love them with the same love and respect that God had for them. The way God loves you. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Judge no one but only love and support. Jesus told us to LOVE, and he was telling us the true nature of God. The word sin often comes to mind within these subjects.

The word sin only means misunderstanding. And who among us doesn’t sin and misunderstand. This leads to Jesus’s words, “Let the first on among you who is without sin cast the first stone.” The truth of God is compassion and understanding. Unconditional love. Unconditional support and guidance. Eternal patience. And this is the truth of God. No one will ever be cast into hell and tortured forever. In my church, which mirrors the heavenly Church of God, all are welcome. Gender is not a dividing factor. I will preach the true nature of God and reality as it has been shown to me. The true church of God is unconditional love.

When I was still very sick, at the beginning of my healing, I saw flashes of my past lives. They led up to the life I lived before the one I am now as I’m writing to you. When the vision of my previous life came, I saw a soldier’s burial. A rifle standing as it was driven into the ground with a helmet placed atop. It became known within me that I had died in Vietnam. That I had died in the war, caught up in the unconsciousness of those times. I was given my name, who I was in that life. This impacted me very strongly, and I was very emotional as the buried imprint of the reality of my past life played out within my physical form.

I was very emotional and shaken. And this was a great release and healing moment for me as well. Remembering my past lives was a part of my awakening to the soul level awareness that I am within my physical form. I saw how every life I had lived carried over into the next. And in my past life, I had made the largest errors of any life I have ever had. I saw how at the end of that life, and in between all of my lives, I had had counsel with God, Jesus, and Angels. That at the moment of my death I was bare before God and had a counsel where I was comforted, healed, and guided.

I saw the error of my past choices and knew that I had to make it right. But I wasn’t cast into hell to burn for eternity. I stood before God and repented knowing I had been unconscious caught up in the events of mankind. Caught up in unconsciousness. Still, I am responsible. And God knew my challenge. In reality, God and all the Angels in heaven had been with me all through every lifetime. This is the true nature of God’s love for us.

And here I am in physical life again. I told God that I would make it right within this lifetime. I came again eagerly to fulfill this purpose. I have made mistakes in this life as well. I was as unconscious as everyone else. But I have kept my word to God. Nearly everyone falls unconscious as they grow up in physical life. Misidentified with their physical forms. But my calling is strong and I’ve lived many lives. It was time for me to awaken in this way. All that I share with you is from my experience and my counsel with God, Jesus, and Angels as I am fully aware of them now in this life.

I want my example and experience to be a guide for you. If you will listen and accept my guidance. To hear the true nature of Christianity and the Bible. The true nature of religion as it should be a reflection of the universal truth of God within us and all things. Who Jesus really is. Who you really are. Who God really is. The truth about life and death. the truth about reality. To pray and ask God to show you what is real and true. That it will be given to you. That you will never be thrown away. But you will be set free.

Within these laws of reality is the underlying strength and truth of God. The truth about our eternal nature. And great love of God and heaven for all of us. We know all that may befall us when we choose to come here. And we choose to come eagerly. From this view, anything that ever happens to us is only a part of our further eternal growth and development. Not that it has to be so hard. Or that there has to be such

unconsciousness within the world. But that because we are free to choose, we have chosen this for ourselves. Reality must unfold. We are eternal consciousness within. Stronger than physical reality can hold. If you could realize your true nature in an instant, you would be unbounded in every aspect of your life. Seek, and you will find. Knock, and the door will open. Just ask God and keep asking until you find it. Its already yours.

Give a shoutout to Charles Deluvio on Unsplash for the image.

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