Love and Relationships

Love. A word in the English language. But what does it mean? Trying to describe love is like trying to describe the taste of a strawberry. Or the color green. But we all have experienced love. Everyone despite race and country knows what love is. It is something that goes beyond the words and symbols that are used to describe it. Like everything in physical, we experienced love before we ever had a word to describe it. Love is something that is very deep within us. It is a common binding element at our core. It reaches down to the very depths of our souls, but can also be perceived and experienced in various ways depending on mental perceptions that cloud our perception of it. But in its most fundamental state, it’s pure and unconditional. It requires no conditions for you to give it, and no conditions of it to be received. We can give and take from it infinitely and never run out. And the only reason why we may not experience profound love is if we allow ourselves to be distracted from it.

On the deepest level, the experience of life is love. The more we awaken to our true state of being, the more we operate from unconditional love. Every movement, every choice, every thought comes from a place of love. You find yourself truly in love with all of creation. And when you feel anything pulling you from the opposite direction of love, it aches as a warning sign. Love is never the enemy. So many have said love hurts. If fear love when in fact love never causes harm but always causes strength. What causes harm is the miss perceptions you may harbor about love. The lies about what love is and the nature of love. The love we all have at our core is a reflection of the infinite love God has for us.

Within the minds of mankind, there are many lies about love. If you ask anyone what love is, you may get a different answer from one person to the next. This is because we are all perceiving the fundamental nature of reality according to our unique perception of it. And we all are on different levels of nonphysical experience and perceiving from different levels of perception. In the end, every experience, and every choice we make, brings us to a more unifying understanding of the one universal truth within us all.

When you awaken strongly to your essential nature you will find that love is at the very core of your being. And it is at the core of all things. Everything that is taking place within and around you is out of Love. At the deepest core, all love is the same. But as we come and experience lifetime after lifetime with each other we build bonds of eternal experience that we never lose. Part of our role in physical life is to play out these interactions with each other. Maybe as father and son. Or a daughter and mother. Family members. And while we are in physical life we assume these roles as dictated by the constraints of our physical bodies, cultural patterns of mind, and soul level experience.

Not only are our physical bodies playing these roles, but our deeper nonphysical awareness is also playing these roles in concert with the experiences we share with each other. Leaving an indelible imprint of experience on our nonphysical soul awareness that is eternal. In this way, we all have differing levels of experience and vibration. Two souls may resonate and vibrate in a unique way according to their level of experience. According to their vibrations. This is all playing out in an infinite variety of ways all around us.

You will notice that certain people will attract to each other and life situations according to the vibrations they habitually hold themselves in. And also according to the vibration of their nonphysical awareness inside. In this way, there is a way of attraction that brings to you what you habitually focus your vibration on. And also according to what you need the most to grow based on the vibration of your nonphysical soul awareness within. Your thoughts become your reality, both through physical actions and also through vibrational attractions. In reality all takes place as pure awareness, thought, and then physical actions. Although masters of truth find it possible to operate from pure awareness again, returning to sense of the same innocence they had as small children, but as an adult with fully developed physical mind and body. This leads to the verse in the Bible that says you must become like a child to enter the kingdom of heaven. Meaning that as you become aware of your fundamental nature you regain this sense of pure perception and awareness towards the experience of life. You experience and perceive from pure awareness again understanding that the kingdom of heaven is at hands right here and now.

We choose to come here lifetime after lifetime, often in the company of souls that we have experience with. Souls which we have known many times before. Playing different roles with each other as we learn more and more life lessons. The experience of this truth sets you free from much mis information about what we call death, knowing that you are still with the same souls you have always known and will never lose them. Ultimately we are all eternally connected to each other and all things as well. Nothing is ever lost. So the people around you that you feel the closest to often share a close vibrational match your vibration. And for some, they may seem to push you away because they differ from you in this fundamental way. But ultimately within us, we are all family. One unified body of God. And we are merely playing out roles and life lessons here together. In this classroom of life.

Every one of us has a perception in our minds of what love is. But within us is the experience of life and love that is beyond concepts in the mind. We all experience a desire to give and receive love because it’s our fundamental nature. But just like everything else within us that is fundamental, we get distracted by the strength and distractions of our physical minds, bodies, and experiences of life. So when two people come together and experience what we call falling in love, they are experiencing several things. First, there is the physical attraction that is based on the needs and requirements of survival of our species. All creatures have this drive to reproduce. This drive can be very strong and is pleasurable for a reason.

The second thing we face is the patterns within our minds that we harbor about love. And about what it means to be in what we call relationships. These are cultural patterns and can vary greatly. The third thing that is underlying all is the pure love at the core of our being. So when someone happens to fall in love they may be smitten by all of these things. The physical desire. The Cultural patterns in their minds. And at the core the fundamental desire to give and to receive love. And according to their level of awareness and unconsciousness, they will encounter more or fewer challenges within what we call relationships.

A relationship is truly a testing ground for two individuals. Whatever mental patterns that are carried into a relationship between two people must and will play out between them. This happens according to how conscious they are of their true nature within and the ability for them to navigate the patterns of their minds. All of the drama that plays out in relationships is the tug and pull between these factors. And the thing that causes the greatest challenges within a relationship is the same thing that causes the greatest challenges in everyday life. That is the level of identity with the physical mind and body of the two individuals who are sharing this experience.

As I said before, the two people may be drawn to each other not just by physical aspects such as their bodies and mental characteristics, but also always there is an interaction on the soul level. A vibrational matching or clashing of soul experience. So in this way, two individuals may be very identified with their physical minds and bodies and their relationship will reflect this unconsciousness. Or they may both be very aware. But always feeling the vibration, harmony or disharmony between them, even if they don’t realize it’s taking place. Always the two sides are playing out together. The physical and the nonphysical.

Falling in love then is when two individuals encounter and experience each other the blending of all of these influences. And always the tug within for unconditional and pure love to be given and received. And two individuals will always be challenged by these things as they play out between them. The harmful patterns of mind can cause many insecurities and fears. Anger and jealousy between the two individuals. They will often feel the soul level bond and then all of the harmful patterns of fear that comes relating to the fear of losing the one they love. Or frustrations because they perceive the other isn’t reciprocating their love. And many other harmful things can play out in this way. It is possible for two souls to be a very powerful vibrational match and to harmonize and vibrate on a soul level in a uniquely powerful way. This is what has been soul mates and twin flames. They may feel each other from thousands of miles away and hear each other’s thoughts. Feel each other’s emotions through the string soul level vibrational match. Always regardless of the awareness if the two individuals, there is always a soul level interaction taking place. Which is felt as the deepest loving part of the relationship.

In either case, when two people enter into a relationship they will always be learning life lessons from these experience. And at the same time building a vibration soul-level bond of experience that is eternal and will never be lost despite the circumstances of physical life. In this way, it is possible for two souls to be attracted to each other across many lifetimes and to recognize each other instantly through a vibrational recognition within. Whether or not they are in what we call a romantic relationship or merely a friendship. Soul level recognition can happen despite gender and age, and will play out accordant to the roles the two individuals are participating and experiencing. All around souls are being born and transitioning out of physical life. But the soul level bonds are eternal. We come to and repeat physical lives together time after time.

This is the nature of love, That fundamentally the experience of love is the experience also of the truest nature within us. It is a reflection of God. So God, love, and truth can be said to be the same thing. God is love. Truth is love. And when you seek deeply within yourself you find not only your fundamental nature but God’s as well. And this fundamental nature feels like love.

When you are in tune with your life purpose you will feel free and eager to experience life. You will have unconditional love flowing out of you. You will love everyone around you and need no reason to do it except that it’s what you are and is a great joy. And all of your actions will be out of love. All of your words will be out of love. Just because you love all things doesn’t mean you won’t have a deep and unique bond and love with one person, such as in a relationship. But it means that you recognize at the core within you that all is love. You see the fundamental nature of life playing out around you.

In a relationship where the two individuals may be very unconsciously associated with their minds and bodies, there will be turmoil. They may feel that they own each other. This woman is my woman. Or this man is my man. There may be patterns that cause restlessness in which one partner is never satisfied with the other. All of this reflects the harmful patterns in their minds. And often out of fear of losing the fundamental love, the two individuals will hold themselves in harmful relationships and situations. In reality the love and the person can never be lost, although they may be unconscious enough in the physical life to not reciprocate or understand the love you may have for them. , or they may be harmful to you physically and mentally because of their own level of unconsciousness.

In a relationship where there is more awareness between the two individuals, there will be patience and understanding. There will be compassion and a strong desire to work together to solve problems that arise from the harmful patterns in each other’s minds. Two aware individuals can realize what is taking place between them and help each other to become more aware. Instead of having a useless battle of they can cooperate and strengthen their bond deeper and deeper, moving more and more in harmony with each other. They will know on a soul level that neither of them will lever be lost to each other and will be bonded for eternity. And so there is more awareness of the true nature of self and reality there is less turmoil.

Be patient with others and be patient with yourself. Practice observing your mind and its reactions within you. You can do this with your partner. Practice communication with each other. Communication is o key importance. Sit and talk about what is taking place. Lay aside the desire to be right and the desire to make the other person wrong. Lay it all down and be together. Help each other solve what is out of place. One of the greatest experiences in life is to experience a relationship with another. It’s a part of why you are here. And we are meant to be together in these ways.

Ultimately it’s up to you to decide if you should change your circumstances. But always if you find yourself in a harmful relationship it is your responsibility to make a change. You have to be brave to face the fears and other powerful emotions that are caused by the patterns in your mind. That keep you bound in unwanted situations. That keep you repeating mistakes. But when you choose to change God and Guides all move with you. Take a good look at your thoughts and the situation you are experiencing in your life. Everything begins with the way you think and perceive. Are you singing with happiness and excitement for life? Or are you dreading each day. You can choose to change everything by changing your thoughts. By making a decision to face what is in your mind.

Always regardless of the situation, the wisest course of action is to hold your self in steady balance. Even while things may be taking place that you don’t want, why ever hold your self in a state of suffering. This takes a very strong resolve but is possible. And it doesn’t mean you don’t care. It means you care so much that you refuse to make your self suffer. From this place of calm center you can more clearly see how to act. To make wiser choices based on your inner truth and calm. A healthier mode of operation for yourself and everyone around you.

If you greatly and truly love someone you will love them regardless of all. This doesn’t mean you will stay in a relationship with someone who has harmful and has abusive patterns in there minds. It means you can love them even as you let them go knowing they are on their path. By doing this all of the harmful patterns stop with you. No longer perpetuated and carried on. And that is the truest expression of love. To love your self so much that you are unwilling to hold your self in suffering. And at the same time you love al others as well regardless of all circumstances.

This can be challenging because someone you love may have formed a soul level bond of experience with may have strong patterns of unconsciousness that are only present at certain times. Or triggered by certain things. You may only come to know this side of them after you have become very bonded to them. But aways if you are in harmful situation it is your duty to protect your self. Because your life is in front of you and full of blessings and promise. When one door closes another door opens. Life is always falling into place. You can let the challenges you face drive you into the greatest strength and truth you have ever known. And really when you choose to change a harmful situation you are doing the healthiest thing for everyone involved. Jesus is a great example of the strength of love even in the direst circumstances. He forgave the ones who killed him an loved them even as they did so. So always love the ones who may cause harm, either trough actions or words. Forgive them because they know not what they do. And there are no enemies. Only misguided souls entangled in the harmful patterns of there minds. Let love always be your driving factor in everything you do.

In all cases lessons are learned and ultimately we all grow and find the most fundamental truth. Lifetime after lifetime. But there is always a better way. To choose and act out of awareness and to master your mind and in turn your life. Always at the core of any relationship is love. At the core of all things is love. The tug and pull between unconsciousness of mind and body and consciousness within. Heed the call within you and awaken to your true nature. All you have to do is ask. Ask God for truth. Seek and you will find.

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