Mastering of Mind and Life

We all have a liar in our minds. It’s the self-sabotaging patterns of thought we all habitually entertain. There are likely even patterns of this nature that you are so used to entertaining that you may not notice right away. But you begin to take notice of your thoughts you will begin to uncover these patterns. The more you do this, the more you will find. The first sign of a habitual negative pattern of mind is the state of your emotions. Your emotions are always an indicator of how healthy or unhealthy your thoughts are for you. So in this way, your thoughts are your emotional fire alarm system.

Practice observing what is taking place in your mind.

Practice being aware of the way you are thinking. You will begin to notice that your thoughts habitually lead in all sorts of unwanted and unpleasant directions. One very common habitual pattern is the lie that you can’t change. That you can’t do anything about the way you feel, of your life around you. This is a huge lie. You can directly affect the way you feel by changing your thoughts. And because actions follow thoughts, when you change thoughts you change your life.

Liar Drill

A thought comes triggered by a stimulus around you.

You feel an emotional response Observe the emotional response

Try to see the relationship between the emotion and the thought

Realize that you are not the emotion or thought itself Realize you are the observer

Realize you can let go of the thought

Realize you can choose a better feeling thought

Realize that by choosing a better feeling thought, you are choosing a healthier thought

Realize that by choosing a healthier thought, you are also choosing a healthier life.

When you begin to do this you will find that as you let go of thoughts, you reach a point of balance. A point of stasis. You will come to realize that your natural state of being is light and joyful happiness that is effortless to sustain. That you have been habitually holding yourself down for years by unhealthy patterns of thought. And when you let go of all of the heavy thoughts, you naturally rise like a cork in water. This is also a bit like holding your balance on a thin rope. Not that you have to try to stay balanced by holding, but that you stay balanced by letting go. Thoughts have momentum. This makes it challenging to let go of them, especially unhealthy thoughts. You can’t allow yourself to focus on a painful thought. You have to find a way within you to feel the thought then release it. Don’t speak to the thought. Don’t entertain it. Don’t try to figure out if it’s true, or discuss the painful thought in your mind.

If a thought hurts, release it instantly. Because if it is painful, it is unhealthy for you. This includes any thoughts that cause irritation, frustration, anger, jealously. Any sort of unpleasant and disturbing emotion. You have to be that sharp and strong with your mind. Because if you even begin to talk to the thought you will be sucked into it. And then you will be entangled. You may even have a panic attack. Or maybe you will be very angry and cause turmoil around you. You may even harm someone else or yourself. Whatever harmful circumstance follows, it can only happen if you allow it to lead you astray. You will become strongly unconscious. After a while, the momentum will fade and you find yourself feeling better wondering what just happened.

You may have heard someone say “I don’t know what came over me.” These habitual and reactive unhealthy patterns of thought can be very strong. Anything can trigger an unhealthy pattern within you. Maybe you lost your keys. Maybe a loud sound can trigger it, such as music. Or some challenging situation that is taking place. In all cases, the experiences that are all around you are your most important teachers. The events taking place around you reveal to you what it is that needs the most work within yourself. They reveal to you the most challenging unhealthy patterns within your mind. This is especially true of the people around you. try to pay close attention to your patterns of thought when interacting with people. You will begin to notice that you have all sorts of reactive and unhealthy patterns associated with social interaction.

These patterns cause insecurities and fears. But it’s a blessing when you feel your emotions even as challenging as the emotion itself can be. It’s pointing to the cause. What’s important to remember is the emotion isn’t the problem. The emotion is a warning sign for you to pay attention to the habitual and reactive patterns of thought you are entertaining. If you try hard you can allow everything that is out of place within you to show you the root cause. And as you begin doing this, you will find yourself like an onion with layer after layer of these unhealthy reactive habitual thought patterns. Slowly you will begin to master your mind.

As you release these harmful patterns peace will come naturally to you. And patience, understanding, and compassion as well. Because as you clear your mind of these unhealthy patterns you begin to notice that everyone around you is entangled, and nearly everyone has little idea that they are. You will realize they are just like you used to be and you will love them even more because of it. You will begin to help others around you to heal their minds as well. You will be more and more steady as you observe everyone around you habitually entangled in unhealthy patterns of thought. You will see how everyone around is constantly causing a chain reaction of harmful patterns of thought and being between each other, sharing and passing these patterns along from person to person. But not with you. When someone with heavy unhealthy patterns directs them towards you they stop there. They do not perpetuate through you. And in this way, you begin to help heal the consciousness not only in yourself but the collective conciseness of everyone around you.

The scope reaches even farther because on a deeper level we are all interconnected. So for every one of us who takes s stand against the unhealthy pattern in our minds, we directly affect all others. And this is another step in the shift towards more enlightened humanity that is taking place, more so now than ever in the history of mankind. Unhealthy thoughts require your attention to sustain them. But a healthy truthful state of being is effortless and requires no defense. It only requires you to let go. When you let go of all that is not you, all that remains is what is you. And what is your natural state is peace. when you learn to be in a state of surrender by letting go of all unhealthy patterns of thought you will be flowing effortlessly with life instead of pushing against it.

Truth is light and easy Lies are a heavy burden

Letting go of habitual negative patterns of thought does not mean that you can’t act. It doesn’t mean that you have no ambitions or motivation. It doesn’t mean you don’t care. One huge lie is that if you don’t suffer and hold yourself in the emotional turmoil, you will have no emphasis on motivation. This is simply not the case. From your true state of balance, you will have the most authentic and true motivation and desire to act that you have ever experience in your life. It will all come from your joy happiness. You will be inspired out of joy, love, and bliss to act and to operate within your life. Instead of out of a desire to escape unhappiness.The point of negative emotion is to teach you what is healthy and what is unhealthy within your mind. Within your thoughts. And in this way, your heart is a compass. It always points to what is true.

And the more you live and experience life the sharper your heart will become. All of your life experiences are leading you to self-mastery. With every experience, you are learning. And not only self-mastery but mastery of your entire life as a result. No longer burdened by the lies that have held you back. You will always feel all of your emotions even after you master the ability to choose only what is healthy for you. The difference will be that as you feel negative emotions in response to events around you, you will no longer hold yourself needlessly within the negative emotion. And in doing so, you will use your emotions as they are intended. All emotions are sacred a great blessing from God and an indicator of the soundness of your thinking mind. Not only is all of your greatest truth felt within your heart, but also God’s greatest truth is felt within your heart. God and Guides speak directly into our hearts.

They guide us in part through our emotions. And also as inspiration that flows in through the heart. As you open yourself to the truth that is within you, will be able to more easily hear and see the messages of God and Guides within you. And you will be more able to see their messages and influence all around you in the world. In our physical lives, there will be those around us who blatantly ignore their emotional guidance. And not only this but the truth and Guidance of God. These are often less experienced souls who haven’t gained as much internal wisdom. And who may have been strongly affected by their unhealthy upbringing But you can see examples throughout history of souls who have come up through life in the worst, most desperate situations only to rise as a pillar of truth and strength.

To overcome all that faced them in their physical lives. And some have become so lost and distracted within the physical form that they cause suffering upon others and themselves. This can also be caused by damaged or malformed physical parts of the brain. But the truth stands that we are not our minds. And we are not our bodies. That we are the awareness within. And we always have a choice. No, matter the circumstance we can choose to overcome what is facing us even in the presence of physical abnormalities and harsh and challenging physical circumstances. The power of your awareness is vast if only you can direct your self as the infinite awareness that you are. To take a very strong stand against the unhealthy state of your mind. After a lifetime of focusing on these unhealthy patterns of thought, your physical mind may have imbalances.

This is because habitually holding yourself in damaging and harmful patterns causes damage over long periods. This is a very common ailment in mankind at this time. Strong depression, anxieties, and other mental disorders. A physical reflection of the conscious state of mankind. And not only the harmful patterns themselves but also our environmental influences such as pollution and the food we eat. It is very important to take care of your body as well as your mind.As you begin to face these unhealthy patterns in your mind you will also notice that you care more and more for your physical body. You will want to consume only healthy things that are clean and beneficial to your health. It is very important to provide proper nutrition and exercise when you begin to heal. Your body will desire nutrients because as you heal your mind, your body will begin to follow suit. A vast majority of sickness is caused by imbalances between your awareness, mind, and body. When you live life out of harmony sickness is the result. Both in your body and your life.

Begin by supplementing with vitamins. Fish oil is especially helpful if you are struggling with anxiety and depression. Magnesium and B6 combinations also help immensely to help support the body as it heals. Part of what contributes to the challenges of the mind is nutritional deficiencies caused by poor diet. You are what you eat. You should remove all processed foods from your diet. Learn to read labels on your food and avoid any artificial ingredients. Reduce sugar to a small amount. Sugar is very harmful to our bodies and mental state of being when consumed in unhealthy doses. Try to buy and consume the cleanest food you can find.

Organic food is very important because you want to consume as few chemicals such as pesticides that may reside on conventional foods. And also by buying organic, you support a healthier form of food production. healthier not only for us but also for the world around us. Always do the best you can with these things. If organic isn’t available but whatever is available with as few or no chemicals as possible. Try to always cook your meals from the freshest ingredients possible. It’s a joy and great satisfaction to know where your food was prepared and by whom. To know your love went into the preparation of your meal and that it is clean and was safely prepared. make sure to drink water everyday and not soda or other drinks. Your body is made in large part of water and everything in your body needs good clean water to function optimally.

Exercise every day. Walking is all you need. Take as many walks as you can in natural areas in wild areas away from cities and towns. When you walk in nature you can feel the Grace of God all around you. That is because nature is already in a state of Grace. Walking in wild areas has a soothing effect on your health. Practice yoga and meditation every day. Meditation helps you to become aware that you are no your thoughts and body but the awareness itself.

Meditation helps you to overcome the habitual harmful patterns in your mind. Yoga has this same effect. And not only this but it strengthens your core making you more resilient and flexible to the hardships of life. Start with gentle yoga first. Find a class and join it, online or in person but start slow and listen to your body. Never push your self too hard but gently push at your boundaries as you master more challenging poses. The goal of yoga is not to compete but heal your body and mind. You will find that you crave it daily because it feals so good. Practice prayer daily.

Talk to God and ask for advice and guidance. As you practice these things you will find yourself constantly praying during all aspects of your life. Always seeking the support and advice of God and Guides. You will also find that you are constantly meditating, which is always being in a state of observation as the perceiving awareness that you truly are. Ask to see the truth. Ask for God to come into your heart. Calming and peaceful music can help you to heal and to calm you as well. meditation bowls produce a tone that when heard and felt can remind you of the feeling of alignment. When used in conjunction with meditation the sound of the bowls can help you to understand how to meditate. Search for meditation music and find what feels the best for you.


Sit somewhere comfortable and close your eyes. You can sit in any position. Breath calmly in through your nose. Try to observe that you can place the focus of your awareness on any point you choose. Start by focusing on the sounds around you if any. Then focus on the inner feeling of your body. Then focus on the feeling of the chair you are sitting on. The feeling of the air on your skin. Your breathing. What you are doing is directing the focus of your awareness. As you are doing this you notice a continual stream of thoughts. Try to observe that the thoughts are there and that you are the awareness that is observing them. Then as thoughts come keep placing your focus back onto the sounds in the room. The feelings on and in your body and your breath. In this way, you will realize you can observe all that is taking place from a higher perspective. And especially observe the thoughts but allow them to pass by. Don’t hold onto the thought or place too much focus on them. Just let them float across the frame of your mind. Watch them come and watch them go. Practice meditation daily with and without music. Practice in quiet areas and also in noisy areas. When you can meditate even in a noisy and distracting place you are truly beginning to master your mind. Observe all that comes and goes.


Sit somewhere in private where you feel comfortable. Close your eyes and breath calmly. If you are upset and struggling, let all of your emotions pour into your prayer. Pray inward into your heart by letting all that is upsetting you go. Do this as if you were speaking inward to a trusted parent. Pour every concern out of you. Let your emotions and internal struggle all pour out of you. Ask God for truth and for help in seeing what is real. Help in understanding what is taking place and strength to overcome your challenges. Then also when you are at peace, pray in the same way. But when you are at peace you will find steady thankfulness that flows out of you. This is the same thankfulness that God feels for you. It is fully reciprocated. Pray in this feeling and let thankfulness flow for every small aspect of your life. You are always heard and always answered. Pay attention to the feeling in your heart. God and Guides speak to us directly into our hearts. The more you become clear and the more you practice prayer and meditation, the easier it will be to recognize the message of God and Guides speaking to you. Always follow your Heart. Your heart is your compass to truth.

All these things are unfolding perfectly according to God’s plan for us. Just because it’s in your mind doesn’t mean it’s you. Just because it’s habitual and challenging doesn’t mean it can’t change.And as you change your thoughts all of your life will change as well. As you begin facing all these habitual and harmful patterns with you you are facing your false self. Your lies. And the farther you go the more clear and singular in mind body and spirit you will become. You have to be strong and resolute because it takes dedicated effort to rewrite these harmful habitual patterns of thought. After all, it took your whole life to gain them. You only have to make a strong choice. And as you choose God and all of the heavens choose and move with you. Seek and ask God for help with this task and you will be supported and shown what is real and true within you. Pray within you. Overcome the lie that says it isn’t possible. Breaking this one lie with change everything for you. Seek and you will find. Knock and the door will open. Just ask.

© Zakary Reif JusTask

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  1. Thank you for all the love and spiritual guidance you give. Life is definately a journey. Thank you for shining the truth of God and the peace that He can bring to each one of us. Through prayer and faith in Him. 💗 Gods Path


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