Today I walked to the bridge at Lower Green Swamp Preserve and back. I have been wanting to make this walk but I was struggling with patterns of fear that I wouldn’t be able to walk the distance. After almost losing your life, having nearly everything physicals fall away from you, and finding your true self and God at the center everything changes. I made a prayer to God for truth because I knew it was the lies in my mind that sickened me and held me away from the true freedom of my life.

God answered me n my heart. The words I heard were “I am with you always”. I found that not only was God there but also my heavenly family as well. God and guides and all the support of heaven and I have been guided by them all along. They have shown me the truth. Every day I focus on the messages and truth I feel in my heart. Putting my faith and trust in God and Guides. I feel them walking with me at every step.

And day after day with the help and guidance of God and guides I have been healed in my mind and body. I have been given a new life. A second chance. This is my testimony to you. For you to seek God and ask for the truth. To be shown what is real and true. Seek and you will find. Just ask.

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