As you choose to focus and direct your self as your true pure awareness within, you will begin to wrangle in your physical mind. You will begin to reshape and rewrite your mind based on your deeper awareness. This process takes time and great dedication and faith not only in your self but also in God. Because this deeper awareness is also a part of the awareness and body of God. And as you try to do this God moves with you and helps you every step of the way. Part of realizing your true self as this awareness is coming to experience that you are a part of God. And so are all people and all things. Everyday practice mindfulness. As you go about your day practice observing. And as you observe you will begin to realize you can actively choose how you want to react to events. You can choose what thoughts to release and what thoughts to entertain. This is happening all the time for all of us, but nearly everyone goes about this process in a very unaware and automatic way being pulled this way and that way by there minds instead of controlling their minds with skill and accuracy. which is our true intended nature. Meditation is a great tool to help you do this. At first, your mind will be very wild and hard to control. By meditation, you can calm your mind and re-center your self into your deeper awareness. Then as you practice meditation you will begin to realize that you are always meditating. As you go about your day you are observing and then choosing what thoughts to hold onto and what thoughts to release. Meditation and mindfulness go hand in hand. If you have to have strong negative emotions it will take great determination to do this, but its the greatest things you can ever do for your self. Is to choose very strongly within to awaken and live with awareness so that you can heal. So that you can regain and have a happy steady life. And this is possible. You have to know that it is and know that you can do this above all any negative thoughts that say otherwise. As you practice this daily your mind will begin to heal and this process will get easier and easier. Your ability to become present within your deeper awareness will grow stronger and stronger. You will become calm, patience and full of love and compassion. As a result, your body will begin to heal and also your life will heal. You will no longer be willing to put up with nonsense within your own mind. And you will observe others who may be struggling with there minds.You will have great compassion for everyone realizing they are exactly like you. And in your new-found freedom, you will be able to love and have the patience for everyone around you. You will inspire others to seek and find their true deeper selves as well. And in this way, we can help to bring the world to a new level of awareness and consciousness. And the deeper true and balanced level of awareness.

Mindfulness and Mediation

Sit somewhere comfortable. You don’t have to sit cross-legged on the floor or hold your hands in any particular way. Just sit comfortably. You can play soft mediation music with no words. Close your eyes and breathe calmly. You will have thoughts but don’t try to resist any of them. Allow the thoughts to come. You may feel a sense of silliness for trying this. That’s OK. You may feel self conscious, that maybe someone will see you. That’s OK too. Observe all of these thoughts and their emotional reactions. Keep sitting calmly and breathing slowly. Begin to direct your awareness onto the sound of the music. And if there is no music direct your awareness on the sound in the room. Any sound around will do. But what is important is to realize you can focus your awareness away from thoughts onto the sounds in the room around you. And as you do this you will keep having thoughts.You will begin to have had thoughts about the sounds or the music. But that’s OK. What you are learning is that you are the awareness that you are directing. The awareness that is observing the sounds and the music. You are learning that you can direct this awareness with choice and free will. Every time your awareness starts to fall back strongly into the thoughts focus back onto the sounds in the room. As you do this you will realize that as you direct your awareness onto the sound in the room or the music your thoughts lose there momentum. They lose their strength and drive. And with practice you will begin to be very aware of gaps of silence between your thoughts. This silence between thoughts is in fact you. The pure awareness that you are on a deeper level. The awareness and silence in which all thoughts and physical, and body and world takes place. You can also direct your awareness onto your breathing. And also onto the outer and inner feeling of your body. Just sit calmly and practice focusing your awareness away from your thoughts and onto the sounds of the room. Onto the sensations on and in your body. And as you practice this you are learning to direct from this deeper awareness. And also you are learning mindfulness. Which is to observe and actively choose what thoughts to entertain.

Letting Go and Surrender

So much of our suffering comes from resisting the true flow of what is. The true flow of life and the true eternal deeper self. This comes from living unaware and detached from the steadiness of the deeper self. As we practice meditation and mindfulness it becomes clear we really letting go of many unhealthy patterns of mind and falling back into our true selves and the true state of being. The practice of meditation and mindfulness helps us to regain our awareness. Ultimately you come to realize that letting go and flowing with that truth is the greatest freedom. That in fact true self is effortless and living falsely identified only with the mind and body and all of the negative patterns of your mind is a heavy and painful burden. As you begin to practice awareness you begin to realize that everything that is not your true self will begin to fall away leaving only what you really are in truth. A great practice is to practice release. Practice letting go. Surrender. This goes hand in hand with meditation and mindfulness. As you practice letting go you are also practicing accepting what is. Because you become more aware and observe your thoughts, you will begin to release any thoughts that cause you emotional pain. Your emotions are always an indicator of how close you are aligned with your true deeper self. And also in this alignment, you are aligning with God and heaven. Because your deeper self stands in heaven just the same as your physical self stands in physical reality. Let go of everything and all that will remain is what you really are. And the true nature of reality and God. Because the true nature of the universe and heaven within requires no effort to be. It requires no one to believe in it for it to exists. It requires no one to prove it there. It requires no defense. This deep truth which is also what you are is simply the deepest expression of life. So in this way, the deepest truth of God can never be written down because then it is no longer the pure truth. This deep truth can only be experienced. And as you meditate and practice awareness you will find your self free-falling into this simple truth of life. And it is the ultimate freedom. You can ask at any time deeply within your self for this truth. God, the universe, or whatever you choose to call these things is always within. Always directly connected to you and all you have to do is ask for this truth and it will be shown to you. You will be guided. But you have to choose. Because its the strength if your faith that it cant be done that stops you and keeps you trapped. Meditation and mindfulness help you to regain this freedom. Pushing against what you truly are and the true nature of things is what causes all suffering. And you can choose to stop resisting your true nature and the true nature of reality. Everyday practice observing and letting go of everything that is not you.

Photo by pixpoetry on Unsplash

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