I woke one day recently and was in negative thought and emotion. I closed my eyes and started to focus my awareness out away from my thoughts onto the sounds around me and the sensations in my body. My thoughts were still there but as they came, instead of dwelling on the thoughts, I allowed them pass by. And thoughts came: thoughts about the cars passing on the road, thoughts about birds singing and the feeling of wind blowing on my skin. And as I had these thoughts, I kept letting them go one by one as they came.

I sat and was aware and observed the sensations, sounds and thoughts and let them pass by like clouds. Passing and passing by. As I was doing this, all the negative thoughts and emotions I had carried with me when I walked outside and sat down had also passed away floating away. The negative thought went and with it the negative emotion eased and went as well. And then, not realizing at that moment what had happened, the old negative thought that I had started with returned. I then focused my awareness back onto the sounds around me, and sensations within me. And I kept doing this every time negative thoughts returned. And I as I did this, a deep sense of calm came over me, a deep sense of peace.

I experienced a strong feeling of knowing that all is well and that all is in its place. And also the realization that this is the true meaning and nature of meditation. To step back from your thinking mind and physical body and to observe your thoughts and the emotional reaction of your thoughts in your body. Not to stop thinking but to let go of all thoughts and let them just pass by. To become aware and observe from a deeper awareness. Your emotions are your guidance, your warning signs that you are focusing onto patterns of negativity that are unhealthy for you.You can change. You have the strength to do this. It can be done. Meditate. Become aware that you have a choice in your thoughts. Become aware that you can choose to let go of negative patterns of thought. If you try, you can do this.

Photo by Madison Nickel on Unsplash

4 thoughts on “Meditation

  1. The act of letting go is, for me, an action, or at least a decision. Taken too infrequently, never without hesitation, and often as a last resort. Your experience is inspiring.

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  2. Such a powerful form of handling the emotions! It can be so easy to get attached and overwhelmed by the emotion, to not see the space in between what arises and what falls. Lovely reminder, Zak. Enjoyed reading how you lived this by personal example 🙂

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  3. I feel this so much. I have become so much more aware of my thoughts & emotions and its definitely helped me keep a positive Outlook on things

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