Unity Of Love

One simple truth that binds and sustains all things. It is within all people regardless of race or country. The infinite variety of experience and perception of the one truth. A man or woman realizes this deep within themselves and moves in alignment with it in perfect grace. Realizing that it is beyond yet sustains the physical world. That it has to be experienced to be deeply known.

Then tries to tell others that its there. Historically religions have been born in this way, and older religions fall by the wayside or are consumed by the new often more enlightened religion. Growing around the person who gained completion within this truth. Time passes and things change. Then comes another man or woman who once again realizes this deep truth within. A new more enlightened religion is born.

The process begins again. On and on until mankind as a whole gains enlightenment. Which is is the pure and deep experience and oneness of what is. The way. The kingdom of heaven. The Tao. What is. Then there is no need for religion. There is no need for controlling governments. The wisdom of the enlightened people governs themselves in the unity of love. Of the one truth within all things.

Photo by Jeremy Perkins on Unsplash

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