Universal Truth

be less concerned with what religion you follow. Or the religion of others. Because ultimately the same truth of God shines through all. Whether it is In India as Hindu or in America as Christian or in Pakistan as Islam. Or even in ancient times as Roman or Greek, when people followed ancient Gods. Or when Native American’s Or Native Australian Aborigines followed the religion’s closely tied to nature. Or any sort of religion that ever was. The driving factor has always been our belief. The power of our faith in what we are focusing on. Not the physical images or ideas of Gods. Or any physical objects or ceremonies associated with a religion. All of these objects and ideas are merely a point of focus to help give people structure. The real power lies within our faith. And this is the same message Jesus told us. That the faith if a mustard seed can move mountains. Jesus wasn’t a man trying to create religion. He was a man who had gone beyond religion to a place of pure awareness. And he knew the fundamental laws of God and reality. That the kingdom of heaven is with us. And when we step into this place we realize and experience that we and God and all things are One. And that its the power of our faith. That works and moves in concert with God. That as we choose and act and focus our faith we move and then God moves and does the works. For he that believes shall see the kingdom of God. So anyone in this physical world who believes in many Gods or any religion that divides God into many aspects still is close to God. But not as close to the ultimate truth. Because the truth of God does exist within all aspects of physical reality. But each aspect is only a small portion of the ultimate truth of God. God always wants us to know him as one with us. Always the truth is simple. So no matter how we choose to come to God, God will always accept us. Faith is faith and faith will never be turned away. The perception of what is is Infinite among us but the laws of God are always the same. So in our times and ancient times it has been and is always will be the power of our faith and belief in whatever system or man-made religion we choose. And we can choose what is aligned with the deeper truth of God, or what is not aligned. because we are always free to choose. And we will never be forced to choose what is true. It has to be a choice made in freewill. But if you seek deeply the Way Jesus did and others you will find the deepest universal truth if God within you. The most fundamentals laws of God’s intelligence. And these things are self-evident. They need defense and no one to prove them. They are there if you believe or not. Even if you don’t believe in God the truth of God is still there. It requires no religion or belief to sustain it. So when you choose what is not aligned with the deeper truth of God, you are only going aginst what is also your true nature as well. because we are all one with God. So my message is not to prove to you. Its to inform you the same way that Jesus was informing people in his day. That the kingdom of heaven is at hand. And if any religion says to cause harm to another in the name of God then lies false man-made information has gotten into that religion. False knowledge that goes against the true nature f God. Not that the religion itself is wrong. Even in Christianity, this has happened. In the past, there have been wars fought in the name of Christianity. Which is the farthest thing from the truth of God. You have to be able to look deeply within the religion to the truth that is there. Because within nearly all religions is the imprint of the truth if God. But we should not follow blindly the physical knowledge of religions. We should do what the ones who the religions grew around did and seek deeply within us to the core of the truth of God. Then religion is no longer needed. Because you have the truth of God within you and become the truth you are. You realize you are the truth if God. And that all others are the truth of God. And all things. That all lands are sacred that all people are sacred. Love comes and compassion. Patience and understanding for all people and all ideas. Because within the knowledge of the world is also the knowledge of the deeper truth of God within. And in this state of completion, there is no competition only cooperation. But its juts knowledge. Its time for us to awaken to a deeper awareness that is beyond the physical world and religions. That is the true deeper undercurrent of reality that has to be experienced to be known and truly understood. Seek within your self and ask God powerfully with all of your heart for the truth. There are infinite ways to say the name of God. Choose one that is comfortable for you. You can call God he or she or any name as long it suits you. You can call God father or mother or no name at all. Because God is not a man or woman except through our physical selves. God is all things. And we are a part of the body of God. All moving as one. When we align with the truth of God within we also move in step with God. We move in Grace. Seek within. Step into grace. Seek first the kingdom o heaven within you, and all else shall be added to you.

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