The Dreamer And The Dream

I had a very lucid dream. I knew I was dreaming. I was at my grandparent’s house and it was an incredible warm breezy summer day. I saw the house and there were many potted plants around. It was like it was long ago when I had been there as a child. The same feeling of the place. I remember noticing other people being there, but I noticed especially, my grandfather and my dad. It became apparent to me that I was there with musician friends of mine, and we were going to set up and play music.

I remember we were in the house sorting through and preparing equipment. It was all so real like when I had sorted through equipment in waking life. There was a barn or a building there that was never there in life. We began to set up in this outbuilding. Finally, we started playing the most incredible sounding version of Knocking on Heaven’s Door. The music was so pleasing.

Every note falling perfectly into place. This went on for some time, then the dream shifted and changed. I found my self waking as if from sleep. As I opened my eyes I saw a night sky. The stars glowed in the most incredible way. I recall them being almost like a child’s drawings of glowing stars come to life. The dream at this point shifted and I found my self outside in daylight again. The warm breeze blowing against my face and hair wonderfully. All through this, I knew I had the sense that I was dreaming, but I was swept up in the current of the dream as it shifted and carried me along.

I decided to go into the house. There I found one of my band members, although it was someone I had no recognition of. I asked him “Are you concerned?” He just shook his head saying no and continued working on some object in his hands. As I have said before, all through this, I had the awareness that I was dreaming. I began to worry about whether or not I could wake up. It never occurred to me, wake up to what? I was caught up in the dream, but at the same time knew I was dreaming.

I recall asking where my dad was and being told he was outside. I turned and walked out of a nearby door and found my self outside again. There, in the yard, I found my dad standing with a few other people. I was so focused on my dad, I hardly noticed the others that were there. I went to him and he was smiling happily. I remember hugging him and then trying to explain to him my concerns. That I was dreaming and was afraid I could not wake up. His expression changed, from happiness to nonexpression.

It was as if I started to drift away from him and he was holding his arms out towards me. By this point, I was having some real fear and this finally woke me up. I found my self lying in my warm bed looking up at the ceiling. Towards the end of the dream, I began to pray to God that I was afraid. To talk to God the way I do in waking life and was answered even there within the dream… “There is nothing to fear. I am with you. You are just dreaming.” The same way I pray to God in waking life, and the same answers… “I am with you always. Don’t be afraid.” I think of how this relates to life. We are dreaming now, but so many have forgotten they are dreaming.

They’re in their dream and have forgotten what they are. Dreaming and life are layers of consciousness, awareness, even deep sleep. So everyone is dreaming this dream of life. Nonphysical souls dreaming, having forgotten they are dreaming but more of us are beginning to lucid dream. To wake more and more to the deeper awareness that we are. This physical reality is very solid and real, but there are deeper things. We are the dreamer that is perceiving this physical reality, mind, and body. Its time for all of us to wake up inside the dream. To know we are dreaming.

To dream and live with more awareness. When you do this, you truly live with purpose and meaning, creating exactly what you want in life with intention and love. We are all dreaming and we create exactly what we are capable of perceiving and believing within our physical minds and awareness. What you habitually focus your awareness and mind into becomes your reality. Regain your awareness. Awaken to your true, deeper self. What could be more important? All you have to do is ask. Knock and the door will be opened.

Edited by Shannan Teer

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