Pure Awareness Within

Every word is just a word a concept in your mind. If we had no words or concepts we would just be aware of everything around us. And in truth, we are aware in this way. First comes awareness, then thought, and then physical action-reaction in your body very fast. Being tangled in your thoughts and body distracts you from your deeper self. Realizing your deeper self as the awareness that is observing and perceiving all of these things your mind grows more and more still and quiet until you begin to experience longer gaps of silence between thoughts.

This is what they call no mind in meditation. And then if you go far enough you can experience no thought at all, only awareness. Then you will away have your mind and thought but it will be the tool it’s supposed to be. To figure things out, and to categorize things. To label communicate and navigate in the physical world. And this is great freedom and your intended true nature. To realize you do not operate as mind then body first. But to realize you are deeper awareness then mind-body in that order. And this deeper awareness is eternal and is a part of what we call god and binds all things in reality, both physical and non-physical.

You are the awareness that controls everything within your self. In meditation, they say we are the silence between the thoughts, the silence that is perceiving and in which all of this takes place. Meditate and try to become aware of the gaps between thoughts. The more you meditate the more you will notice gaps of no thought, and you will be fully aware as you experience this. This is a great relief. Especially if you have suffered from a runaway mind that’s full of negative patterns. And who has not? In this way, you can bring your mind and body under control. And also when you do this all of your actions and words become enlightened ones. Everyday practice this until your mind grows more and more still and under control. Practice meditation. Don’t try to stop thinking just try to let go and observe from deeper awareness.

Sit somewhere quiet and comfortable. Outside is nice because there birds singing, and the wind and cars going by. The daily sounds of life. And being in natural areas helps as well. You can feel the grace of nature around you. It reminds you of the Grace within you. You can also listen to soothing music with no words. Close your eyes and focus your awareness on the sounds around you. Allow your awareness to focus on what you are hearing. Also, focus on the feeling sensations in and on your body. As you do this you will have thoughts. You may think that a loud car was annoying, and feel irritated. Observe the thoughts and the emotional reactions they cause in your body. But try not to stay focused on the thoughts.

Allow them to come then go as you observe them. As you observe these things, keep returning your focus to the sounds around you. And the sensations you are feeling on and in your body. You may also start to think about things that happened that day. Or to start thinking about things you need to do. Or things that will come tomorrow. Allow all these thoughts to come, don’t try to stop them. Don’t resist. Allow your self to observe then let go of thoughts. Let them pass instead of holding them. Allow them to float by. In this way, you will begin to notice you are observing all of these things. You are the awareness that is observing your thoughts and body.

All of these thoughts and sensations are there and passing by. Letting them go. And when you do this a deep sense of peace and ease will come. Learn to observe and let go. Then also when you stop mediating and are going about your day, practice observing and letting go. Instead of walking around absorbed in thoughts to focus on the things you are doing. As you walk focus and be aware that you are walking. That your legs and feet feel the weight of your body and the impact of walking. Focus your awareness on the fact that you are observing things around you. Whatever you are doing use it as a meditation. If you are bathing focus your awareness into the feeling of the water on your body. The smell of the soap.

Allow your self to be very aware and present in every detail instead of in your thoughts. In this way, your whole becomes a meditation and a prayer. And you are more and more fully and powerfully in the present moment experience the sweetness of your life. You will become calm. Non-reactive. patient and full of love understanding and love. And you can at any moment ask God within you to help you to do this. God knows what meditation is. God can teach you how to meditate deeply and truthfully. All you have to do is try. All you have to do is ask for the truth. Ask to know and understand what is taking place. Seek diligently and you will find your self living in surrender to what truly is.

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